Everything In Its Place (No, Really)

A place for everything and everything in its place…just saying it brings a sense of peace and order.

So, how good are you doing at putting your stuff away? How about taming clutter—do you have that under control? (We won’t tell if you say no. And we’re here to help!)

Here are some tips on on finding a place for everything and putting it there:

  • Room by room, drawer by drawer, start purging and organizing. Start in the room you use the most.
  • Use baskets and shelving units to store larger items, like DVDs and video games, shoes, toys, magazines and other items that often clutter up a room.
  • Tame your work space! Don’t have a dedicated work space (kitchen table, anyone?), consider getting a rolling cart with multiple drawers. Organize it with your work supplies, and then tuck it into a corner when you’re done.
  • Place divided trays in drawers and baskets to keep smaller items contained and tidy. Works great for batteries, glue sticks, pens and more.
  • Use the “Only Handle It Once” method (OHIO) for mail. When the mail comes, either immediately file it appropriately or throw it away! No more mountains of paper!
  • Get your kids on board. Show and teach them the importance of being organized. Let them help you create an organization system for your home and their room.

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The key to a more peaceful and calm life is being organized. Knowing where everything is reduces stress and the energy-drain that comes with constantly looking for stuff. You’ll see.


Heather Allard

Heather Allard is a mom of three kids + one big rescue dog. She's a wellness buff, an essential oil educator with dōTERRA, and a self-professed “entrepreneur to the core”.

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  1. Lisa

    Good tips. Always working on being more organized.

  2. Jessica @Early Endeavors

    I teach child care providers the ‘touch once” system for handling paperwork like observations and parent communication. It works!

  3. Andrea

    I love the OHIO method. I use it ALL the time for more than just mail in fact. I’d say I do OK with it, but as a mom you know that there are just some days when the energy level is zilch and the pieces just fall where ever they land. But boy to you pay for it later.

    Thanks for the extra kick in the butt to stay motivated today!

    • Heather Allard

      You’re welcome, Andrea! We all need a little kick once in awhile. 😉


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