Why Your Business Needs An App, ASAP

Becoming and staying a successful small business owner is a difficult and never-ending road. Nowadays, it’s not good enough to just be present on the Internet, as society is gradually shifting away from their desktops and laptops and onto their mobile phones as their main means of communication. You need your own business app, asap!
To keep up with this explosion of mobile usage, an increasing number of entrepreneurs are including mobile apps as a way to reach out to new and existing customers. Apps have become more relevant to a successful business than ever before. You can easily find hairdressers, beauty salons, coffee shops and many other businesses around you among those who have jumped on the app bandwagon. They have stepped up their game when it comes to advertising their services or products. Soon, doing any type of business without the help of apps will likely mean falling behind your competitors.
To help you realize just how important this approach to marketing and upgrading your business really is, here are several advantages easily obtained by developing your own app.

Helping your customers see you

We live in an era of mobile phones, which have become a necessity and a favorite toy for a great number of people all over the world. Research at the Nottingham Trent University has shown that people spend approximately five hours a day on their mobile phones, using apps and browsing the Internet.
As a small business entrepreneur having a mobile app, you can take advantage of that, so as to be frequently seen and available to your potential customers each time they pick up their phones. Being easily noticed is the first step of expanding your network of clients.

Improving the interaction

By developing a mobile application for your company, you speed up the interaction between the company and its clients. A couple of clicks are enough for the client to get in touch with the company, buy a desired product or choose the service needed. In the century where companies compete not only with each other, but with time as well, a good app provides fast and easy communication with the customer. In that way, your relationship with the client becomes stronger, as it is more personal than before, and you get a loyal customer in the long run.

Becoming easily recognizable

Visual identity is undeniably important, and one way of building it is to have an effectively designed app. Whether it is aimed to shock, entertain or to be user-friendly, the point is for the people to like it. If the app also provides features attractive to your potential clients, it is on its way of becoming your brand. The more your app is appealing to people, the more likely it is to make your company memorable, which ultimately leads to a larger number of people using your services or purchasing your product.

Affordable price of apps

Having a modest budget is not a reason to deny yourself your company’s app. Attractive mobile apps are not available exclusively to large companies with big budgets.
Nowadays, there are companies which offer lower prices to small entrepreneurs in exchange for designing them appropriate apps. There are even DIY app-making platforms when enable you to build the app yourself, without any previous coding knowledge.

Being unique in your business field

Take advantage of the present situation, where only a limited number of small business owners use the help of app development experts, and offer something new to your clients. By providing a mobile app to your clients, you will be seen as an innovative entrepreneur who is constantly upgrading their business and making headway. Do not underestimate the effect of being the first at something or thinking outside the box. People usually tend to react positively to this sort of creative approach to business. What’s more, apps are popular among younger population, and being different is always appealing to them.

Constantly providing new and useful information

Any change or novelty in your business should be swiftly spread among your clients. Whether you are advertising your latest products or promotional services, or sharing news feed, the quickest and simplest way of keeping your clients up-to-date is to use your company’s app. Clients appreciate useful information before they spend their money and if your app provides it, it’s more likely they will return to you on another occasion. All the information that you made available through an app represents an advantage which will ensure you will not be easily forgotten.

Using the power of social media

The popularity of social media is a well-known phenomenon, and it can be wisely used in your app. People enjoy making comments and sharing experiences with others. If your app enables them to do similar things they can do on Facebook, for example, they will definitely spend more time using it. And they will keep on coming back. Provide them with opportunity to review your products or discuss your new offers and soon you could have a platform as an integral part of your app, making it stand out from the rest.


The benefits of having a mobile business app as a means of improving your business are undeniable. Simplifying the contact with the customer and making your company visible and original, without spending too much money are strong reasons to develop a modern app for your company. Whether you will find a professional assistance to help you with that or build an app on your own using practical app builders is completely up to you. Mobile apps will shortly become a customary element of offering business services or selling products and it is definitely better for you to become a part of this rising trend sooner than later. Chances are your competitors are considering doing the same thing in the near future.
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Do you have an app for your business? If not, are you planning on jumping on the bandwagon?



John Stone

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John Stone is an Seo consultant and a web entrepreneur. Through years of experience, he became a devout believer in the notion that form should always follow function and that developing the ability to think outside of the box is a prerequisite of being a successful entrepreneur. You can contact him on Twitter.

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  1. Mahesh Kumar

    This is so true if we look at the present trend of internet and technology. These days users are moving more and more towards mobile devices. So if a business provides apps for the mobile devices, then it improves user’s experience which in turn helps businesses to improve their profits.

    • Melissa Bolton

      Thanks for stopping by!
      This is so true. When I look at my analytics reports I am definitely seeing a trend toward more mobile users.


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