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The Mogul Mom is a website for moms who run a business, raise a family and rock both. We deliver educational, actionable, inspiring tips, ideas and information to the inboxes of mom entrepreneurs everywhere.

Who Is The Mogul Mom?

The Mogul Mom is anyone who:

  • Desires to build her own enterprise from home while caring for her family
  • Desires to financially support herself and her family through an entrepreneurial venture
  • Has her business and seeks to push herself to greater levels of professionalism, competency, growth and innovation
  • Has ideas and aspirations for a from-home business, but is unsure how to begin
  • Hopes to take a hobby-scale venture and build it to gain financial independence

The Mogul Mom welcomes:

  • Mogul Moms of all ages, credos, colors & kinds at all stages of life
  • Anyone who knows, loves and supports a Mogul Mom
  • Anyone who promotes & supports mompreneurship, even if not a mompreneur yourself

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About the Owner

about the owner meg

Hi!  I’m Megan Barnes, the owner of The Mogul Mom.  In October 2013 I purchased The Mogul Mom from Heather Allard – a fabulous mom of three, entrepreneurial visionary, coach extraordinaire, and the Founder of The Mogul Mom.  To see Heather’s full story, see below.

I am one of seven children born to entrepreneurial parents, a sociologist by education, an aspiring creative writer, a wife to the most visionary man I know, a mom to 2 endlessly comical dogs, a sufferer of chronic illness, an eternal optimist, and a lover of womankind.  I believe in the inscrutable possibility of endless becoming.

My single biggest challenge in becoming the new owner of The Mogul Mom was my own fear that I was not qualified; that, as neither a mom in the conventional sense, nor an experienced entrepreneur, by being at the helm of The Mogul Mom I would be a fraud.

But I’ve been talking to some of you wise and encouraging Mogul Moms recently, and you’ve been dispelling some myths for me.

Turns out, fears like this are one of just many things I share in common with this community of strong, resourceful, and entrepreneurial women. Turns out leadership isn’t about knowing more than those you lead.  Phew!  What a relief! :)

I am here to learn from you and with you, to inspire, and to build a framework to support the growth and execution of your incredible entrepreneurial visions.  I am thrilled and privileged to be here.  I look forward to taking my entrepreneurial journey in the company of strong, capable and amazing women like You.  Welcome!

About the Founder

Hi there! I’m Heather Allard and I’m a mother of three kids, one big dog and the founder of The Mogul Mom.I’ve been a mom entrepreneur since 2001 and have started three successful businesses, including one I sold for six figures in 2008.

Without a nanny, without venture capital and without losing my mind. (I think…)

When my first daughter, Hope, was one year old, I hung out my freelance copywriting shingle after reading The Well-Fed Writer by Peter Bowerman. Six months later, my work landed in BrandWeek and my profile in Bowerman’s follow up book, The Well-Fed Writer: Back For Seconds.

When my second daughter, Grace, was born in 2003, her sleep “challenges” (strong startle reflex and extreme tossing & turning) inspired me to invent Swaddleaze, a wearable swaddling blanket and sleep sack in one, and Blankeaze, the first wearable blanket with leg openings for “active sleepers” like Grace.

I scrapped my copywriting business and established 2 Virtues Inc, named after my daughters, Hope and Grace and began the arduous journey of bringing my products to market. What started as a hilarious sketch on looseleaf paper led to great success.

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