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1. Are you currently accepting guest posts?

Yes, we are currently accepting guest posts for our 2014 editorial calendar.  To review our guidelines or to submit your guest post for consideration please click here.

2. I’m looking for referrals to manufacturers – can you help?

Sure, we’ve been where you are and take great pleasure in saving you time and frustration. Please allow ample time for these manufacturers to respond to your inquiry – they are very busy and likely in a different time zone. Also, my experience with manufacturing is ONLY in apparel (specifically, baby apparel). We do not have experience or referrals in any other area.  For all other manufacturer inquiries, please search, or

AMGL (Apparel Manufacturing Group Ltd.)

Contact Rachel So at and/or visit their website at They are a full service “door to door” manufacturer –they will take care of everything, from sourcing materials (fabric, buttons, etc), package design, cut/sew, packing, shipping, customs clearance, etc.

Wise Base

I (Heather) initially had my products made at a US manufacturer called Rice Mills and worked closely with Linda Lednum, the design director. Rice Mills closed in 2006 and Linda began freelancing as a pattern maker (she’s in South Carolina) and working for Wise Base, a full service manufacturer as a liaison. Her email address is I so enjoyed working with Linda—she has a wealth of experience working with large & small companies (Lands’ End, One Step Ahead, Sears, JC Penney, etc) and she’s a pleasure to work with.

3. I’m looking for sales reps for my product – know any?

Probably the second most frequently asked question we get. :) You’ll find some great resources in Sales Reps 101. Be sure to check the comments, too!

4. What people, products, and services do you recommend for mom entrepreneurs?

We put everything right in our Little Black Book for you. Also, we only suggest products, services and sites that we personally use.

5. I have a question about a product I purchased from you.

Thanks so much for your purchase! Simply reply to the order confirmation email you received and you’ll reach us. :)

6. Can you suggest other websites that might be helpful for mom entrepreneurs?

Sure! Here you go:

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