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About Heather Allard

Hi there!

I’m Heather Allard and I’m a mother of three kids, one big dog and the founder of The Mogul Mom.

I’ve been a mom entrepreneur since 2001 and have started three successful businesses, including one I sold for six figures in 2008.

Without a nanny, without venture capital and without losing my mind. (I think…)

When my first daughter, Hope, was one year old, I hung out my freelance copywriting shingle after reading The Well-Fed Writer by Peter Bowerman. Six months later, my work landed in BrandWeek and my profile in Bowerman’s follow up book, The Well-Fed Writer: Back For Seconds.

When my second daughter, Grace, was born in 2003, her sleep “challenges” (strong startle reflex and extreme tossing & turning) inspired me to invent Swaddleaze, a wearable swaddling blanket and sleep sack in one, and Blankeaze, the first wearable blanket with leg openings for “active sleepers” like Grace.

I scrapped my copywriting business and established 2 Virtues Inc, named after my daughters, Hope and Grace and began the arduous journey of bringing my products to market. What started as a hilarious sketch on looseleaf paper led to great success.

By 2006, my products were sold in 200+ stores in the United States and abroad, including catalog giant, One Step Ahead, and received favorable press in national magazines like Pregnancy, New Parent and Consumer Reports. Swaddleaze was on Access Hollywood in the re-creation of Suri Cruise’s nursery, and I had a surreal moment seeing Billy Bush holding a doll swaddled in a hot pink Swaddleaze.

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At the same time I started 2 Virtues Inc, the “mompreneur explosion” began with amazing moms everywhere inventing products and starting businesses. Fledgling mom entrepreneurs began emailing me for advice and I proudly answered each one.

Then (insert dramatic music), my son Brendan was born in 2006 and tipped the scales. With multiple health issues like RSV, chronic ear infections, insane eczema and severe food allergies, Brendan needed my full attention. I could no longer run a growing company AND raise a growing family.

So, I approached Summer Infant, a large baby products company based in Rhode Island and after a yearlong licensing agreement, I sold Swaddleaze and Blankeaze to them for a six-figure sum.

After selling my products, the emails from mom entrepreneurs kept filling my inbox, and I decided to found TheMogulMom.com, a website that would help moms like you run a business, raise a family and rock both.

Since founding the site in 2007, I’ve had the honor of sharing my lessons-learned and offering advice and inspiration to thousands of entrepreneurial moms around the world. I’ve been interviewed and featured in The New York Times, Working Mother, Fox Business News, ProBlogger, Entrepreneur, Visa Business Network, Daily Worth, Etsy, Simple Mom, American Express OPEN Forum, SheKnows and YellowPages.com.

In October 2013, I sold The Mogul Mom to begin a new venture. Come along for the ride at my new site, HeatherAllard.com.