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Tips for Living a Steve Jobs Life on Your Own Terms

Are you living a life you love? If you aren’t clear on what you want, your life will live you, instead of the other way around. The busier and more successful we get, the more important our time becomes. No one put this better than Steve Jobs in his commencement speech at Stanford in 2005, after his diagnosis with pancreatic…

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3 Powerful Questions to Help You Find Clarity In Your Business

In 2014, I hit a massive wall in my online marketing business. You know, the kind of wall that looks like its 1000 feet tall and 1000 feet wide? No way over, and no way around. I was in a major funk and badly needed some good old fashioned clarity. I needed to get right with my soul again.  …

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4 Keys To Building a Sustainable Business That Loves You Back

My client, Kathy, came to me feeling defeated about her business. When she had her baby a few years ago, she quit a high-paying corporate job to start a health coaching practice. A couple of years in, she was overwhelmed by everything in her business that seems to need her attention “right here, right now”. Her confidence also took a…

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Goals: Let’s Make Things CLEAR

I have a confession: Goals and I have not always gotten along. I know, I know- they’re essential to prosperity and focus and all that. But sometimes they can feel overwhelming and loom so large they can be easy to abandon midstream, especially when they begin to feel like they’re becoming more trouble than they’re worth.   Not long ago I came across a…

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