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mompreneur guilt

Why Some Moms Shouldn’t Start an Online Business

There is an overwhelming trend to encourage women to start online businesses so they can stay home with their children. It can be a great way to make money, but it’s not for everyone.   I started a blog last year after running a small business making and selling granola for a few years and working as a Virtual Assistant….

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What NOT to Do When You Fall Behind

Starting work after the holiday season can be very stressful.  The backlog of tasks feels insurmountable and following the usual work rhythm seems like a distant dream.   You probably have a number of ways to get back on track that work for you.  So, do more of what works and avoid actions that don’t work so well, like those…

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5 Amazingly Simple Ways to Let Go of Mompreneur Guilt

Without a doubt, mothers and others who provide nurturing care to those in need deserve tender loving care and a great dose of gentleness – applied to themselves.   I don’t know any mother who has not tortured herself for being the mother she is, and I was no exception.   You know the litany of yardsticks; you must provide…

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