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3 Ways Your Personal Brand Could Be Sabotaging Future Opportunities

Living in Texas, my husband and I are huge football fans so naturally we love all things Dallas Cowboys and that includes watching “Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making The Team.” Now before you go rolling your eyes at our reality TV guilty pleasure, I want to share some serious personal branding lessons from this show that we can all learn from….

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Power Networking: How to Network Effectively to Generate Sales and Make Relevant Connections

This post is sponsored by The UPS Store. For more information, please see the end of this article.     Networking, in-person and one-on-one, is one of the most important and fundamental aspects of marketing and growing your business. A successful networker is able to quickly share who they are, while being able to listen to and learn about those…

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What Do Adult Coloring Books Have To Do With Your Brand?

No doubt you’ve seen the adult coloring book craze that’s been sweeping the globe for the past several months. A quick Amazon search will gift you with well over 1,000 results (and counting!).    Coloring is nothing new. As kids, we all toted around our trusty Crayolas.   So what’s with this latest fad? Why do we color? And why…

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3 Powerful Questions to Help You Find Clarity In Your Business

In 2014, I hit a massive wall in my online marketing business. You know, the kind of wall that looks like its 1000 feet tall and 1000 feet wide? No way over, and no way around. I was in a major funk and badly needed some good old fashioned clarity. I needed to get right with my soul again.  …

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Building a Trustworthy Brand: It’s Persona(L)

When it comes to developing your personal branding, trust needs to be a top priority. Who needs a personal brand? Everyone.   The good news is, you’re already well on your way.   Whether or not you realize it, you’ve already got a personal brand. People have formed perceptions about you and your business based on your presence, positioning, offerings,…

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Increase Business With Storytelling

A common complaint entrepreneurs have is dissatisfaction with the amount of media coverage their business is getting. They have beautifully-crafted press kits, plenty of media contacts, and have practiced mock interviews countless times in front of the mirror. The ingredient they are most often missing is a relevant, timely and compelling pitch.   If you take nothing else away from…

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What Do People See?

I attended a ceremony at my daughters’ school. The Kindergarten playground was given a much needed makeover and was being named in honor of a Kindergartner’s baby brother who died last winter from Trisomy 18, a fatal genetic disorder.   It was a bittersweet moment, listening to the family speak of their son and at the same time, watching the…

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