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Interview: Cynthia Shaffer

Every now and then we share interviews with inspiring entrepreneurs who have turned their passion into a successful business. Today, we’re talking with Cynthia Shaffer, photographer, author, and creative seamstress. This savvy mompreneur took her passion and parlayed it into a visual playground for all the world to enjoy!       Tell us about your company.   For the most part my business is divided into…

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Is Photography A Dying Profession?

Not too long ago I overheard someone say that photography was ‘a dying profession‘. And for some reason, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.   It’s true that there are plenty of detractors that threaten to pull business from traditional, professional photographers.   They include, among other things: lots (and lots) of competition camera phones technology and edits making…

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How To Boost Business With Fantastic Photography

How many websites or social media sites are you on each day that have photography that just doesn’t quite cut it? I see it all the time. Fast and easy to load websites, well written blogs, great Facebook pages….and then, there’s the photography. I know what you’re thinking. We all have to start somewhere and I certainly agree that in…

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How to Use Images To Market Your Business

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Based on what’s happening in social media right now, I believe that that statement has never been truer, especially for small business looking for ways to rock their marketing strategies.   Consider:   The unprecedented rise in popularity of Pinterest, which is based on images and does double duty as both…

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