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Grow Your Business Using Evernote

When you think of growing your business, what comes to mind?   More professional marketing strategies? Higher quality sales pages? A waiting list of clients?   While all of these are possibilities that may happen as you scale your business, they aren’t solutions to a very real problem that many entrepreneurs don’t see until it’s too late.     What’s…

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5 Steps to Overcoming Blogger’s Block (+ Blogging System Infograph)

You know the benefits of blogging.   It generates leads and sales by increasing traffic to your site, enhances the perception of your expertise, and makes your offerings more visible.   But, blogging on a regular basis is challenging, especially when we’re busy. And as mom entrepreneurs, when are we not busy?   I mean, how many times have you…

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Why Your Business Needs Back to School Systems, NOT Back to School Supplies

You might not be a “systems chick” like me, but I bet we have at least one thing in common—a curious attraction to all those back-to-school supplies flooding store shelves.   Colorful folders, binders, pens, clips, and other goodies conjure up fantasies of exciting, organized beginnings.   As a child, I loved waking up on the first day of school…

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5 Simple Steps for Getting to Inbox Processed, Not Inbox Zero

Dealing with all the messages in your inbox can feel like a never-ending battle.   Just when you think it’s under control, you’re besieged with a barrage of new messages. You’re faced with the painful fact that “inbox zero” will probably always remain out of reach.   Here’s a tip.   Don’t set yourself up for failure by fantasizing about the unattainable…

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