6 Steps To Being More Effective On Twitter

Twitter is an essential business tool for any mom entrepreneur for a variety of reasons. 99% of mom entrepreneurs can find their target audience using Twitter and if that’s not enough, major media personalities, large corporations and your competitors are all taking part.

Sounds great right? It is, but there’s a problem.

Most people I see on Twitter are not using the tool effectively.

– They don’t use the search function to find out what people are saying about them
– They don’t reply to other people’s tweets and build relationships
– They don’t retweet or share interesting links for followers to enjoy
– They don’t keep track of the media or other influencers who can help them grow
– They don’t keep an eye on the competition to see how they do things

If you want to get the most out of Twitter and start converting the time you spend into traffic and customers, do me a favor: PUT YOUR LISTENING EARS ON.

1. Start tracking media contacts, popular mom bloggers and anyone else who can help you take your product from so so to slam dunk.

2. Reply to friends, idols and followers and retweet useful content they post. They’ll start doing the same.

3. Search through Twitter (not to mention Facebook and Google) to find out what people are saying about you, your competitors and your market in general. An added bonus is this will help you think of new blog content, products and places to promote your work.

4. Wait several minutes in between tweets (a good time to listen and search) so you don’t annoy your own followers.

5. Don’t be selfish. The key to not being a selfish tweeter is using this formula:

– 20% Promotion/Ramblings of your daily stuff
– 70% Sharing others content and replying
– 10% Experimenting

6. Stagger, stagger, stagger. No, I don’t mean stagger through your day, I mean please, please, please stagger your promotional tweets throughout the day andin between replies and retweets. It IS okay to promote (otherwise, what’s the point?) but it annoys ALL of your followers (including me) and will cause people to drop you from their home feeds like that.

So, how are you going to use Twitter for business today? Tell us on Twitter.

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Heather Allard

Heather Allard is a mom of three kids + one big rescue dog. She's a wellness buff, an essential oil educator with dōTERRA, and a self-professed “entrepreneur to the core”.

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  1. Diane

    This is good information, I’ve wanted to use Twitter more but get overwhelmed by all the internet options. I am going to take the month of January to focus on Twitter, really learn what I can do on it and what it can do for me. thanks

  2. Shane

    Thanks Justine and thanks Tara for both your insights.

    Definitely a good read and has given me some ideas on how to implement my Twitter strategy as I am new there. Perhaps I’ll try and balance promotion and networking to get the most out of both worlds.


  3. Mom Entrepreneur


    I have to agree with Tara on Twitter being more of a networking tool than a promotional tool, although if you don’t promote at all on Twitter you may be missing out on sales that could have easily been made. Thanks for the article.

  4. Monica Strobel

    Hi y’all! It’s been informative and interesting reading this back-and-forth among you. It does seem you are essentially saying the same thing–through Justine’s formula, only 20% of the time is promoting anyway. I don’t think we should eliminate that because you are in business for a reason and Heather’s points about the selling is right on– its building the connections that eventually “sell” for you.
    Thanks for the civil and well thought out posts – I’m getting ready to jump into Twitter and I’ll keep it all in mind! Monica

    • Heather Allard

      Hee. Glad you enjoyed the back-and-forth between us, Monica. 😀

      Let us know if any of Justine’s tips help you on Twitter.


  5. Tara Gentile

    Well, I think the point of Twitter actually is to network not promote your stuff. For the vast majority of people their ideal customer is not on Twitter yet. True, they can reach influencers that can help them get their product sold but, without forming a relationship with them, the promotion really is useless.

    On Facebook you can get away with thinking the purpose is to promote your goods because most people there are, well, most people! Twitter is still a very different place.

    • Heather Allard

      Hey Tara,

      We’ll see what Justine has to say about this. LOL. Thanks for stopping and commenting! 😀


      • tara gentile

        ha! I didn’t even see it was by Justine! I stand by my statement 😉

        Seriously, even speaking as someone who’s customer base IS on Twitter, I think we think of Twitter as a selling tool way too much. I think we should put our emphasis on using it as a networking tool – we’ll get a much longer “tail” out of it that way.

        • Heather Allard

          Yeah, definitely…I think Justine’s points are great for using Twitter for business more effectively.

          I especially liked her “formula”. 😀

          Thanks for coming by again…now if we can just get Justine to weigh in. LOL.


          • Justine

            Hey Ladies!

            Tara and I talked about this yesterday and I think I realized I had to agree to disagree.

            I do agree completely on the networking thing, I’ve written several posts about how amazing Twitter is for networking and that’s what I normally use it for.

            But at the same time, I do feel strongly that Twitter does have many businesses target customers using it (even if those users have a business themselves). I myself get a lot of new subscribers with Twitter and those subscribers do end up becoming regular readers of my blog and then buyers of my products.

            But yes, Tara you are absolutely right that Twitter should be thought of as a networking tool rather than a ‘promotion’ tool but I don’t see it a bad thing thinking of Twitter as a place to promote. Otherwise, what’s the point? (muauahhahahaha).

          • Heather Allard

            I agree with you, Justine – I think Twitter is primarily a networking tool but also a great business/selling tool if used effectively.

            Because sometimes, all we’re “selling” on Twitter is our blog, our site, our posts, etc – and all we’re asking people to “buy” is IN – subscribe to our site, read our posts, maybe pass them on, etc.

            Nice debate, ladies. 😀


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