6 Educational Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy While You Work

The routines are changing for many mogul moms as summer begins. Running around with the kids and running our business.

The mom/entrepreneur balancing act is always a challenge, but summer can be especially stressful. Screen time for your kids has limitations, and you need quiet time to focus on work.

Here are some creative ideas to keep your “small assistants” busy, so you can build that empire of yours, keep the kiddos away from the television and maybe even teach them at the same time. Talk about multitasking. You really can do it all!

1. Get ‘em reading

The number one request of teachers this summer is to keep kids reading, and it’s so easy to do with Mobi Stories, Digital Books for Kids. Simply purchase downloadable files and your kids can follow along as the stories are read aloud on the screen, or read to themselves. They’re now available for the iPhone, too!

2. Get ’em writing

For younger kids you can get 1st grade writing worksheets for older kids you can have them start a summer journal, as they may have done through the school year. It’s so much easier for kids to enjoy writing when they love what they’re writing about. Some easy prompts to get them started are, “What was your favorite thing today?”, “What’s the weather?”, “Did your friend say/do something funny?” Or for more structure, check out the topics in the illustrated This is Me Journal..

3.Refresh their skills

From math, language arts and social studies you can refresh your kids’ skills with fun, free printable worksheets for kids ages pre-school to high school at Family Education.

4.Embrace your child’s inner explorer

Do a nature scavenger hunt in your yard or a treasure hunt in the house. Make lists of things they should find and have them explain them to you in their own words.

5.Let them create

Crayons and markers are the only materials needed to create masterpieces. Encourage creativity with a little direction.

6.Encourage online learning

Head to educational websites like National GeographicNASAFunBrainKidsKnowIt and HowStuffWorks.
With a few of these activities in your back pocket, you’ll be more prepared to juggle family and business these summer months…..and keep your sanity, too.
So…what about you? What will your kids be doing this summer while you work? Tell us in the comments.


Shannon Whealy

Shannon Whealy is a visual brand creator and the founder of Turnaround Design. She partners with small business owners to translate their brand messages and build memorability through design.




  1. Natasha Oliver

    I created a website just for this reason. My daughter loves to be on the computer, so I created several educational games, mostly math, to help her practice while having fun. This has now turned into almost 100 educational online games! So, if you have kids who are allowed on the computer, my site might just keep them busy for awhile! http://fun4thebrain.com

  2. Connie

    I *love* your tips!! My nerves are already shot thinking about how I’ll get anything done work-wise this summer, but this helps. Great tips, always – I love the Mogul Mom!!!

  3. Sean Wilson

    Thanks so much for the NASA plug! I work in the public affairs office at the Johnson Space Center (when I’m not trying to start my own empire). Our website is an excellent resource for kids. We have interactive video games, coloring sheets, videos, and more. One of the coolest is NASA in Your City. You can see how all of the work that goes into the space program benefits us here on Earth. Just add /city after the NASA.gov address.

    • Heather Allard

      Hi Sean!

      How cool – about building your own empire and working for NASA!!

      Going to check out the NASA in your city – sounds awesome! Thanks for stopping by!


  4. @MorganDayCecil

    Such great *educational* activities! You make a mom feel guilty 😉 Right now son is playing his guitar and singing the Iron Man song while I work…over, and over and over again. He is already into ACDC and he is three.

    He does watch a bit of PBS Kids…enough that he also says quite often,”Don’t forget to check out PBS Kids Dot ORG!”

    Thanks for the tips. 😉

    • Heather Allard


      Don’t feel guilty – my 3.5yo listens to Soundgarden, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Nickelback and Van Halen. And who says playing the guitar and listening to rock isn’t educational? Our sons may go to Berkeley School of Music someday. 😉


  5. Shannon

    Tracy – I have to remind myself too. 🙂

    You’re welcome, Susan! I think it’s a great idea, too.

    As this is my kids’ first day of summer break, I thought of another idea. I just set the timer for their screen time, and knowing I have 30 minutes of quiet motivates my productivity as I sit down and catch up in my office.

  6. Susan

    Thank you for sharing the idea for the digital books. With me being from Germany we fly there and it is a long trip with a 2.5 year old. She would like to pack every book she owns. Now I can just have her look at books on my laptop.

  7. Tracy

    Every summer, I remind myself to enjoy the time with my girls. Of course being less productive is still very frustrating. Last year, I picked up a book on SEO and read it during swimming lessons and soccer games. It was time well spent and helped reduce the frustration factor.


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