The 5 C’s of Logo Design

It’s been quite awhile – about 13 years – since I picked out my diamond engagement ring. (I’m the kind of gal who knows what I want, so my husband didn’t even attempt to do it on his own!) At the time, I knew all there was to know about the 5 C’s in choosing a diamond.

A great logo is like a diamond in that it catches your eye immediately. That’s why I’ve put together the 5 C’s of logo design.

CLEAR :: Your business name needs to be legible and in an easy-to-read font, whether it’s text-only or part of your logo graphic. And any graphic should compliment your name, not compete with it.

CONCISE :: If your name or graphic doesn’t explain what your business does, then your tag line should convey it. Customers need to know what you do at a glance.

CLEAN :: A logo with too many fonts, a photograph, or ten colors is not versatile. Logo versatility is key, because then you’ll able to use it on anything: product packaging, a business card, a newspaper ad, or a web banner. (Hint: If it can be translated into black and white, you can be assured versatility.) It also must be originally created in a vector format in order to assure proper resolution when resizing.

COLOR :: Generally, use only 2 or maybe 3 colors in a logo. And the colors should be appealing to your audience. i.e. bright colors for kids or greens for an eco-friendly product. Also, make sure the colors work for both web and print.

CREATIVE :: I’m always drawn to cleverness and uniqueness in a logo. If there’s a smart design element or a catchy tag line that represents a brand….that is a logo that leaves an impression.

And if your brand leaves an impression, as diamonds do, it will sparkle more brightly amidst the competition.

If you’d like the 5 C’s of your logo evaluated, sign up here for a free “quick look” logo consultation. This free consultation is a $50 value and available until October 15, 2010 just for readers of The Mogul Mom.


Shannon Whealy

Shannon Whealy is a visual brand creator and the founder of Turnaround Design. She partners with small business owners to translate their brand messages and build memorability through design.




  1. Blimey

    Thanks for sharing. I contacted a a company to design my new venture logo and i will be sure to look out for the 5 C’s when i proof it. This article was very informative.

  2. Heather Allard

    Thanks for the great logo design tips, Shannon! As always, I learned a lot! 😀



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