Blogging Your Brand. Should You Do It?

Is writing a blog really necessary for building your online brand?
This question comes up frequently with my clients and I’m currently addressing it with my own website. (After originally launching with a blog, then removing it for a time, I’m going to start it up again.)
I’ve learned that yes, blogging is a good idea for most online businesses. Why?

It allows you to make an emotional connection with your customers and build brand loyalty.

If you’re building your business online, you usually don’t make many in-person sales calls. But, you can tell your story and develop relationships through your blog. If customers get to know you personally, they’re more likely to connect with your brand emotionally.
You also probably don’t have the budget for a fancy advertising campaign. Small business blogging continues to level the playing field with big business as it allows you to make that deeper connection with customers at virtually no cost.

You’ll have a reason to drive visitors to your site.

The most consistent way to attract visitors to your website is fresh content. Regular blog posting is simply the easiest, most cost effective way.

You can build your brand’s credibility.

When you write compelling posts and respond to comments, it gives you the opportunity to be authentic. You’ll show expertise and build trust in your brand.

You can build your list.

Blog updates in your subscribers’ RSS feeds and in-boxes will reinforce a connection with your brand. Subscribers to your blog are already your fans. If you make a regular impression on them, they’re more likely to convert into customers.

You’ll be reinforcing your site as your brand’s web home.

Using a Facebook fan page to promote your brand and connect with your fans is a wonderful tool. But linking each post to your website, where your online business lives, is key to establishing consistency for your brand.
If you only interact on Facebook, you’re marketing to your fans – which is important. But you’re also leaving every other person online – millions – OUT.

Think blogging takes too much time?

 Here are some tips to blogging more effectively and efficiently:


  1. Don’t pressure yourself with frequency. If updating weekly is too much, make it every other week, or even monthly.

  3. Remove the date from your posts. If you can’t update it very often, removing the date will not call attention to that fact.

  5. Shorter is sweeter. A new post is still fresh content, no matter the length. And short posts tend to be read more often.

  7. Need ideas for posts? Check the trending topics on Twitter or ask your readers what they’d like to hear from you.

  9. And, when inspiration strikes, jot down the ideas right away in a notebook or on your phone.

  11. Make a schedule, and if possible, plan and outline a few posts in one sitting. You can fill in the details later.

  13. Make it a routine and it will get easier, just like exercise.

  15. Put together a group of fellow bloggers and write guest posts for each other.

  17. Don’t like to write? Try video blogging. Video and images are fresh content, too.

Branding your online business starts with a website. When you utilize a blog as a marketing tool, you’ll be better able to make an emotional connection with your followers and convert them into customers.

What is your experience with blogging? Do you have some tips for making it easier and more efficient?



Shannon Whealy

Shannon Whealy is a visual brand creator and the founder of Turnaround Design. She partners with small business owners to translate their brand messages and build memorability through design.




  1. Dawn Stewart

    Good article! Every time I consider blogging, I’m thinking it’s a “daily” updated thing and know I can’t do that. (right now) Thanks for reminding me I have daily, weekly or even monthly options! (After all, I AM the boss, right??!)

    • Heather Allard

      You are definitely the boss, Dawn. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Karen Lee

    Great points Shannon.

    My blogging has opened up so many opportunities and while I sometimes dread writing (I won’t lie) I think about those opportunities that opened up (including meeting Heather and writing for TMM) and I keep going, even if it means, skipping a lunch. Can you imagine skipping a meal to write? What a horror!

    But blogging WORKS and the resources you mentioned rocks!!

    • Karen Lee

      Oh, I met you too when I did a review of your calendar….which I still have, by the way, because the graphics is too darn cute to destroy!

  3. Sarah Hopkins

    Fantastic post Shannon! 🙂

    I have just arrived here at the Mogul Mom for the first time (recommendation by Sarah Prout) and this being the first post I’ve read, already I am really enjoying it here! Very valuable content! I am VERY excited about it. Thank you!

    • Heather Allard

      Hi Sarah! Nice to meet you – I love Sarah Prout!! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed Shannon’s article…look forward to getting to know you!

    • Shannon Whealy

      Thank you, Sarah!

      I agree, Heather does amazing work here! I’m honored to be part of the contributor team. 🙂

    • Heather Allard

      Hey Krissy – yes, I love “photo blogs” too. And video blogs (vlogs, I guess) are awesome as well.

      Thanks for stopping by and for sharing Shannon’s post! 🙂

      • Shannon Whealy

        You’re welcome, Krissy! Thanks so much for sharing it!

  4. tisha

    Thank you for the reminder. I have really neglected my blog even after spending time getting my Web site up and going. Just trying to balance too much. I need to make this a priority.

    • Shannon Whealy

      You’re welcome, Tisha! I’ll be doing the same. 🙂


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