17 Tools to Help You Work and Worry Less

This post is being re-published on this Mother’s Day weekend in hopes of inspiring you to spend less time worrying and more time enjoying. Happy Mother’s Day!

You know that old saying, “A woman’s work is never done”? Well, for mom entrepreneurs, that’s doubly true.

It seems like we’re always working.

Working on work. Working on home. Working on homework.

Working on planning meals, working on doing laundry, working on paying bills.

Working on business plans, working on sales strategies, working on launching.

Work, work, work. 24/7/365.

And when we’re not working, we’re worrying about work. Am I right?

Well, I’m tired of seeing you working and worrying all the time. So I’m  here to show you seventeen things you can stop working on and worrying about. Sound good?

Read on. 🙂

17 Things to Stop Working On and Worrying About, So You Can Relax More

1. Carbonite

2. Keeping yourself OFF social media 😉 Concentrate and Self Control

3. Keeping track of income/expenses/taxes – Quickbooks for small business

4. Sharing blog posts automatically on social media – Twitterfeed, HootSuite and Tweetily

5. Vacuuming – Neato or iRobot

6. Create a weekly meal plan

7. What should I do for exercise? – Joel Runyon’s No Excuse Workout (free)

8. Schedule clients

9. Monitoring website traffic – Google Analytics goals

10. What should I blog about? Grab our free guide for 52 awesome prompts you can use all year round!

11. Stocking up on frequently used products – Amazon auto-ship

12. Thanking customers – autoresponders through AWeber and MailerLite

13. Writing and replying to emails

You wouldn’t reinvent the wheel, would you? So why do you keep writing the same emails over and over and over again?

With Gmail canned responses, you can cut down on repetitive emails and replies by creating templates that you can “drop in” to your email or reply. For instance, I receive a ton of emails asking for overseas manufacturing referrals. With my nifty canned response, I save myself some time and typing, while still being helpful.

14. Creating ebooks, Kindle books, Apple iBooks, Nook books, web books, PDFs for physical books

15. Learning how to use WordPress

16. Signing contracts, tax forms, etc.

17. Promoting your posts and products

You’ve worked really hard on writing awesome content and creating amazing products, right? So then what happens after you publish or launch them?

Well, for a few days or maybe even a few weeks, you get comments and sales. But after that it can be Cricketsville.

Search WordPress for some great plugins to easily maximize your archives and promote your products.

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