Do You Really Need To Be On Facebook + Twitter?

Every once in awhile one of my clients ask me if they really need to be on Facebook AND Twitter. Sometimes they just don’t get social media (or more importantly how it would work for their business) and sometimes they just don’t have the time to dedicate to putting a social media plan in place.
There is only ONE type of person or business that does not have to be on Facebook or Twitter – and that is the dude whose clients aren’t on either platform.
I know, its hard to imagine a world without Facebook or Twitter or both – but there are people who are driving down the information highway doing 50 km/h with their blinkers on.
Let’s back track for a second.
Why do you even want to be on either platform? Simple.
You need to be where your clients are.
Forget personal preference or that you still think Facebook is for college kids. It’s all about getting your shizzle in front of the right people.
Imagine you’re a product seller and Facebook is the biggest mall in the world, and Twitter is the biggest organic supermarket in the world.
If your ideal client buys her clothes at that mall and all her veggies at that supermarket, wouldn’t you love to have a kiosk in both those places?
You could hire a couple gorgeous people to wave your flag and tell the world how great you are. The people walk by your kiosk and pick up your flyer, decide they love what you’re doing  and head over to your shop to buy everything you’ve got in stock.
The same is true online.
Your Facebook page and Twitter stream are a place where you can find your customers where they’re already hanging out. And then pull them away from their usual hangout over to your website.
So why do you have to do both? For better, broader reachno matter where your customer’s favorite online hangout is.

Here are some great thoughts on building a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter:

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If you need help deciding which social media platform you should be on, check out:
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Are you on Facebook and Twitter? Where do you find more of your customers?

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Dawn Martinello

Dawn is a superhero disguised as a VA for entrepreneurs. Devisor of kick ass answers. Magikal Maestro of Reiki energy. Plant-loving, crunchy mom to a clever 7 year old.




  1. Judy

    I have a question re: Facebook…and I’m not sure if you can answer me. When I created my “fan page”, I think I might have done it incorrectly, but I’m not exactly sure WHAT I did. In order for people to connect to my page, they need to type out this ENTIRE thing:
    I thought I could drop the # when I got to a certain number of fans (I have 200) … but I cannot! I don’t even know who to talk to about this (over at Facebook) OR if there’s anything I can do about it, short of starting over (and losing all of my fans). Is it worth it?? HEEELP??
    Thank you…

  2. Pashka

    Wonderful, thank you

  3. Hanna

    Hello! Loved the methaphors in your article. It got me thinking about joining twitter. I’m a young person, but all these new social media platforms still put me off for some reason. For one reason I’m extremely bad at marketing myself and my products which is really hindering my business at the moment. The other reason is that I feel it’s going to take up so much time that I could be spending creating or dealing with schoolwork. So I guess my problem is, how to get maximum impact with minimum time? My business is a side-job for me at the moment and school has to come first. If I can only pick one platform to build upon, what would you suggest?

  4. Sandra L.

    To be perfectly honest, Twitter frightens me. And not because of Twitter itself, but because I have a very difficult time staying off the Internet, especially Facebook. I tend to hang there instead of actually making art.

    I don’t want to add one more thing to my Internet activities. I just don’t trust myself.

    Anyone else feel this way?

    • LeFoo

      I’m with ya Sandra…so I keep my laptop close and go back and forth. Once I get started on a project, I set small goals to finish it before I check my online activity.

  5. erika

    Love all this fantastic INFO….wish I understood it better!

  6. Ardlee/youbabyme

    Thank you so much Dawn, for this to the point article. I am one of those people who is still trying to understand how to do it all and still have time left over. It take a lot of dedication if you are not quite where you want to be. I will be re reading these articles to see if I can really be on my way.


  7. Dawn Martinello

    You’re on your way V.
    Don’t sweat trying to keep up with hundreds of people and businesses. No one can do it and no one is going to expect you to. Use the groupings in Hootsuite as best you can. The longer you use it, the easier it will be for you to determine who you want to read every day and who you don’t.

    Send me an email in a month – let me know how it’s working. And of course, ask whatever questions you might have here too!

  8. Vivian Muehlen

    Hi Dawn, THANK YOU. A LOT!!!

    This is exactly the info i needed and i spent a good couple of hours getting myself set up on Hootsuite. I still don’t understand how it’s possible to follow hundreds of people/businesses, but at least i am way more organized now.

    Thanks heaps!

  9. Dawn Martinello

    It’s not a silly question at all Vivian and in fact, it’s a very common feeling. The one mistake most people make in social media is believing that they have to read every single thing that comes across their stream.

    It’s simply not the case. AND you are learning a very valuable lesson about how TO use Twitter and Facebook when you start ramping up your social media marketing. If you are posting every half hour or every hour you are going to run into people who skim right over your messages – or worse – they’ll stop following you.

    Decide what type of people you want to follow – do you want to follow industry leaders? social media gurus? customers? When you look at WHY you want to follow them, you’ll be able to categorize them better. For example, you may want to follow your customers to give them a sense of giving back but you may not really be interested in what their messages are – so they could go into one pile. You may want to put marketers and social media gurus in a second pile because though you’re interested in what they have to say, you don’t have the time or inclination to read everything they say. The third pile could be leaders in your industry – and those could be the people you want to follow closely and read almost everything they are saying.

    One way to manage all of your social media profiles is through a program called Hootsuite. This is a web based program that you can access all your platform accounts, create tabs to help you distinguish your “piles” and it even allows you to tweet or update your statuses from it’s platform.

    I hope that helps!

  10. Vivian Muehlen

    OK, please don’t laugh at this potentially silly question…

    I have created a product that can give mother’s a better breastfeeding experience and will start selling it this summer. For this reason, I have started using FB and Twitter to build brand awareness. Currently, I’m only following a few people/businesses in Twitter and can’t believe how many tweets I’m getting! Each of these businesses send out about 1 tweet per hour (or more) so that I have hundreds of tweets to sift through at the end of the day! How do you keep up? I can’t even imagine how bad it will be when i really start becoming more active within Twitter!

    Any thoughts, tips or suggestions of how to manage the “twitter load” would be very helpful!

    Thanks, Vivian

  11. Jackie @ It's a Wahm Life

    Great analogies. Twitter, for me, is the first impression… to get on their radar. Facebook helps me deepen that relationship, get to know people better, and more than that, let them get to know ME better. Provide tons of great content, and useful things for your market… It’s an easy move from there to your blog.

    • Dawn Martinello

      Nice, Jackie! You’re right – it can be difficult to deepen the relationship in under 140 characters. What do you find works best to push people from Twitter to your Fan Page?

  12. Dawn Martinello

    Love the community fair and pub analogies! Thanks for stopping in Karen.

  13. karen gunton

    such great advice! i completely agree. and i find that i connect with people in different ways on each platform, so it is very well worth my time to be in both places.

    (to me facebook is like having a stall at a community fair — i get to say hi to old clients, meet new ones, see what all the other stalls are up too; while twitter is liking having a beer at a pub – i see peers, clients, friends, celebrities even, and best of all i can just sit back and listen in on what everyone has to say!)

    thanks for sharing the link to my article on fans vs likers =)


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