6 Ways To Monitor Your Brand On Twitter

Twitter is a social media platform that gives small businesses an incredible opportunity to engage with our customers and build our brands. But just tweeting out a bunch of sporadic comments and links won’t get us very far.

To be truly effective on Twitter, we small business owners have to listen to the online conversation about our brand, monitor the results of our tweeting efforts, and tweak our tweets as necessary.

Luckily, there are six awesome tools that’ll help you do just that.

1. Backtweets

Backtweets is a simple way to search for links to your website or content on Twitter. In seconds, a Backtweets link search will show you who’s talking about and linking to your brand and content.

While the Backtweets free account only offers the link search, the Pro account allows you to receive e-mail notification when someone tweets a link to your website and provides statistics on the reach (how many unique people see it) and impressions (the total of how many times a tweet is seen) of your tweets. You can even connect Backtweets to your Google Analytics account to see how your tweets translate to traffic to your website.

Backtweets is free. A Pro account costs $100 per month.

2. Twitter Search

On Twitter, there is an endless stream of news and information flowing every second of every day. Twitter Search keeps you from drowning in tweets by helping you search and filter Twitter in real time.

Much like Google, Twitter Search lets you perform highly advanced searches using advanced search operators to narrow and refine your search results. Get specific with Twitter Search simply by entering the words or phrases, people, places, dates and even attitudes that you’d like to watch for on Twitter.

Twitter Search is free.

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