How To: Create A Gravatar

It was so nice to meet y’all last week!

But there was something missing in the comments. Hmmm…what was it?

I know! It was your smiling faces. Yep, the comments were full of those faceless WordPress “mystery man” avatars.

So…it’s time to create your webwide identity with your own personal Gravatar.

Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. It identifies you and your posts on blogs, web forums and really, any site you visit. And creating your own personal Gravatar is super easy and takes just minutes.

Get your Gravatar now and never go faceless again.

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Heather Allard

Heather Allard is a mom of three kids + one big rescue dog. She's a wellness buff, an essential oil educator with dōTERRA, and a self-professed “entrepreneur to the core”.

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  1. Alexa @ A Life in Drive

    I’ve been meaning to create a Gravatar for myself. Thanks to your post I finally got around to doing it. Thanks!

  2. Carla

    Had to stop by to tell you I finally got a gravatar! Faceless no more =)

  3. Mom Blog

    Such a great post topic. It’s so much better to see your readers faces when they comment.

  4. Sue Henderson

    Thanks for the tip, Heather. I did this! I do find your blog to be very helpful. Happy summer, Sue

    • Heather Allard

      Thanks so much, Sue – it’s nice to see your smiling face! 🙂

  5. Kate

    I’m a new reader here! Thanks for all the great tips. I’m giving my gravatar a test run. Hopefully this will work. Thanks again!

  6. Liz Jenkins

    Thank you for this! I try to comment people’s blogs as much as I can but never knew how to get the gravatar part! I use the same picture for twitter and my blog but it would be nice to use that same identity when I comment. I appreciate the info-I guess I could have researched it but this was easier and spurred me on to actually do it as I work through my ever expanding list of things to do!!


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