5 Easy Ways to Use Facebook to Boost Sales and Build Your Brand

If you’re a small business owner, you should be on Facebook


However, just being on Facebook isn’t enough.


You need to use it properly and intelligently in order to leverage your online presence, promote brand recognition and drive sales.


Is this difficult? Nope.


Here are 5 simple but highly effective ways to use Facebook to boost sales and generate buzz for your business without spending a dime.

1. Create a business page, not a personal profile

It all starts with a first step and for a small business, that’s setting up a professional company page, not a personal profile.


Getting started is easy to do.


Simply upload your business logo in the photo section, add your business details, including company website, address and mission in the profile section and then…

2. Promote your Facebook page

Next, spread the word about your Facebook page on your website, email signature and newsletter. Facebook offers several easy ways to do this on your website with plugins, widgets and apps.


Then, add a link to your Facebook page in your email signature.


Finally, add a clickable link to your Facebook page in your company newsletter. It can be an colorful icon or a plain old text link – just make sure it encourages readers to come Like your page.

3. Talk to your fans, not at them

Instead of just using your Facebook page to post links to your website, use it to get to know your fans and to find out what they really need.


How do you do this? Easy. Talk to them.


Ask them questions, take a poll or host a contest. Invite them to upload photos and share their story. Make it interesting and interactive, and above all, welcoming.

4. Sell and sparkle…

Facebook makes it very easy to sell your products, offer exclusive discounts, post testimonials and showcase press mentions right on your Facebook page.


And that means it’s easy for you to boost customer confidence, make your brand more memorable and increase sales.


Create separate tabs on your Facebook page to share your press and testimonials and create your very own storefront right on Facebook using PayvmentVendorShop or Storefront Social.

5. Follow the rules of engagement

Don’t start your Facebook page with guns blazing and then fizzle out fast. Keep the fire alive with conversations and consistency.


Post updates regularly, encourage questions and comments and basically, stay engaged. Your fans are there for a reason – to connect with your business. Make sure you do that.

How do you use your Facebook page for business?

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Prerna Malik

Founder at Content Bistro
Prerna Malik is a gourmet copywriter and community manager for time-starved entrepreneurs at Content Bistro . Snag her free eBook, Social Sizzle, to supercharge your social media.




  1. Kelly Ann Taylor

    I use my Page every single day. (except last 2 weeks when we had company). I always greet my Fans every morning with a bright cheery voice. I tell them what I am doing, and ask them what they are doing. If there’s an interesting thing happening, I tell them. Every blog post gets uploaded to twitter, facebook. I use lots and lots of pictures. I also ask my fans their opinions. This has taken quite awhile to get their response. Usually I will get between 0 – 3 responses from any question I ask. I would love to see more interaction. I think facebook is the most fun but have a harder time with twitter. My 13 year old daughter offered to “run” my Twitter account. lol…..not sure if that would be good or bad. It might be good since she follows lots and lots of public figures. ;).

  2. Dasi

    I made the mistake of opening a business page attached to my personal profile. Not good at all. Short of closing it and opening another one, what would you recommend that I do? Thank you.

    • Prerna Malik

      Thank YOU, Heather! It’s been such a pleasure:-)

  3. TrafficColeman

    Promoting your page is a big deal when it comes to getting people to visit..you have to promote.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”


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