Define and Attract Your Ideal Client In 3 Easy Steps

Many of us mompreneurs get into business before having a clear definition of who our ideal client is. And if we don’t know who our niche is, who does?
I’m a big proponent of “the law of the attraction meets marketing” as a way to attract the right clients and the right business opportunities for ourselves without having to do a ton of hunting and prospecting.

Defining and Attracting the Ideal Client:

If you are showing up in a way that says:
• You know who your ideal client is,
• You know what you have to offer,
• You know what is valuable to your ideal client,
• You know that person’s top needs…
… chances are that your ideal client will find you because they’ll be searching for exactly what you show you’re offering.
So, who is your ideal client?

Step One: Define

There are many different ways to define this, so let’s use some broad brush strokes here:
• This ideal client is a person who needs what you have to offer.
• This person also has the money to pay for you and they can pay you on time and according to your terms.
• This person also sees the value in what you have to offer and respects you and your work.
That seems simple right? It is.

The Ideal Client Checklist

Spend some time defining and identifying your ideal customer. Get out a sheet of paper or start a spreadsheet and thoughtfully construct a right person profile.

Step Two: State Your Intentions

Now, take a look at your business statement.
Your business statement defines your business in terms of who you are, your values and priorities, what’s most important to you and what’s the best part about your business that you want to share, sell and make money with.
Does your unique business statement reflect your ideal client? And does it say how your business service or product can add value to their life? If not, update it now to include these two points.

Step Three: Go Get ‘Em

Now, that you know who your ‘right people’ are, you can attract them with your website, your about page and your business statement.
Here are some other places to look:
• Niche forums
• Niche blogs
Places they hang out

Who is your ideal client? Share with us in the comments.



Heather Allard

Heather Allard is a mom of three kids + one big rescue dog. She's a wellness buff, an essential oil educator with dōTERRA, and a self-professed “entrepreneur to the core”.

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  1. John

    Lara, really good points!

  2. New Latina (@NewLatina)

    Find the Ideal Client, via #latism #entrepreneurs #LifeCoaches #latinabloggers #NewLatina @iVillage

  3. LaTersa Blakely

    Lara, these are some very great tips and it really broke down the right steps to finding my right targeted audience. Thanks so much for sharing

    • Lara Galloway

      You’re welcome, LaTersa! It’s easy to think that we want to sell to anyone who wants to buy, but I find it much easier to tailor my marketing and offerings when I have a clear picture in mind of who is most likely gonna benefit from it.

  4. Meg (@Bloom_OnlineNZ)

    Define and Attract Your Ideal Client In 3 Easy Steps

  5. Jamie Northrup

    Nice post, really love the checklist, I’m a big fan of checklists, and never saw one for defining an ideal customer. Thanks for sharing!

    • Lara Galloway

      I love the checklist, too! Prerna did a lovely job with it. I have created an ideal client checklist with my individual clients during our coaching sessions, but I love this general one that can help anyone get started with creating an ideal client profile.

      Great job, Prerna!

  6. Rachel Blaufeld

    Lara – great tips! I would really support spending time in niche groups with your ideal client so you get an in-depth look at their likes/dislikes/general needs. Study the group and find the common qualities.

    • Lara Galloway

      Totally agree with you, Rachel. If you go BE where your clients ARE, you not only get the chance to build relationships with them there–you also get to do a lot of market research by hanging out with them. Our clients will tell them what they want from us if we learn how to listen!


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