Be Awesome: 3 Steps to a Better Marketing Plan

Are you ready for a better marketing plan?
Do you ever feel like your marketing efforts aren’t getting you anywhere? Like they’re more of a chore or perhaps even something you dread? Like, no matter what you are doing to promote your thing, no one seems to really take notice?
Maybe people don’t care about your products because you don’t care about your marketing strategy. Maybe you don’t care about your strategies because they are boring… because they’re not “you”… because everyone else is doing them… because you think you are supposed to do them.
There are so many strategies you can employ to market your business:
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, advertising, PR, newsletters, blogs, guest posting, podcasts, referrals, word-of-mouth, loyalty programs, contests, giveaways, goody bags, collaborations, demonstrations, catalogues, flyers, brochures…. well, you get the idea. The list goes on and on.
But NONE of these marketing strategies will work if you add them to your plan just ‘because’. 
1. Do what you love
2. Do it your way
3. Do it with awesomeness


If you aren’t sure what you love, think about what it is that got you excited about starting your business in the first place.
What tasks do you LOVE doing, what gets you too excited to sleep at night, what do you love talking to people about when you share about your business?
Find a way to apply what you love to your marketing strategy.


If you aren’t sure what your way is, stop following what ‘everyone else’ is doing for awhile.
Spend some time thinking about your brand message, what it is you are really selling, what makes your business different.


Allow yourself to question the rules, to do things differently, to be a little bit badass.
Adjust your marketing to fit your business, instead of the other way around. If you aren’t sure what kind of awesomeness you have to offer, consider your own personality and enthusiasm.
You are the most unique part of your business. Be you!
Stand out, make up words (like awesomeness), do things that are quirky and different. Rock people’s worlds with even the simplest things you do to market your business.
Marketing is only boring if you are boring. If your business is boring. If your product is boring.
Stop being boring and start being awesome.
• Stop posting the same boring things on your Facebook page. Make your page so awesome that people love hanging out there.
• Stop sending out the same boring newsletters to your customers. Make your newsletter so awesome that subscribers do a dance when they see it in their inbox.
• Stop writing boring articles for your blog or other blogs/publications. Make each article so awesome that people want to print them out and pin them to their wall.
• Stop handing out boring flyers, brochures and business cards. Find a way to make them just as awesome as the stuff you sell.
(Warning: you might feel foolish making up awesome words or scared of doing things differently or nervous if you don’t do jump on the band wagon. That’s ok. Suck it up and keep marching on.)
Once you give yourself permission to do what you love and to do things your own way, promoting your business will be fun again.
It’s actually quite liberating to question the rules! And when everything you are putting into this world has that injection of awesomeness, you will attract the right people to your business, the ones that actually care about what you are selling.
Do what you love. Question the rules. Be awesome.

Do you know a business that really does things their way and injects awesomeness in everything they do? Please share, we’d love the inspiration.


Karen Gunton

Karen Gunton is a blogger, teacher, and creative designer. her passions are helping women in biz get unstuck and brainstorming awesome ideas for little businesses. she developed the online workshop “Visual Marketing DIY” to teach people how to easily create their own images for marketing their business in a way that will stand out from the crowd.




  1. Lisa V in BC

    Just came across this on Pinterest & think it’s Awesome!! Will be searching you out now, cause I want to hear what you have to say! 😀

    • Melissa Bolton

      Awesome! Thanks, Lisa! 🙂 Glad to have you here.

  2. Platinum Touch Events

    Great article! Made me want to “print it out and pin it to my wall.” Thanks for getting me excited about getting out there and rocking my business!

  3. ArtisticWill Studios

    Karen, Hi I found your link on “”, Wonderful lesson on how not to be boring. I’ve been doing the some old stuff to promote my business, and needed good hard kick. My hand painted glitter art is different and exciting. Now, I got to make my blog post more exciting, adverting, and step it up. Thanks for great advice.

  4. Selena

    This is great! I need a kick in the pants to be more awesome. I am finding that my current blog is lacking in inspiration, but I have excitement and great ideas for a new blog (2 different niches). Not sure what to do yet, but it WILL BE AWESOME!

  5. MaryJo @ reSPACEd: Budget Organizing

    Wow! Super amaze-alicious post (how’s that for a made-up word?) Just the kick in the pants I needed. I have been really dreading working on my marketing regularly, and now I know why. I just need to fun-itize my marketing mix a bit more (ok, I’ll stop with the made-up words now ….)

    • karen gunton

      LOVE IT!!! fun-itize is the best new word ever!! now go find a way to make those dreadful tasks fun again – the more you love them the more your people will love them. go kick some ass =)

  6. Fiona McEachran

    I really loved this post. I think we are of similar minds, except that I use “abnormal” and you use “awesome”. To me they are the same – standing out! Being different! And being seen!

    Too many business owners are scared of doing a marketing plan, yet a marketing plan is key to any business success. It just needs to be looked at in a different light – as a tool to take your business forward to the level you want to reach.

    I even suggest to business owners to reward themselves, even in a small way, for finishing or updating their marketing plans. If the focus is positive, and you are always thinking of ways to be awesome, then it can become enjoyable!

    Excellent post Karen 🙂

    • karen gunton

      i love that you call it ‘abnormal’. just one more example of how we all need to be ourselves and do what we love – that is even reflected in the language we use. i love it when people consistently use stand out words, even made up words, to make a point and express their brand. thanks for your comment fiona =)

  7. Heather Allard

    I love this post, Karen.

    I was *just* thinking today (after comparing myself to and modeling TMM after many other sites) that I’m going to do things MY way. Your post was a gentle nudge in that direction. 🙂

    Thank you!

    • karen gunton

      i am so glad that this can be a helpful nudge for you! you do amazing things here, you SHOULD do them your way. be you and have fun!! we’ll all join in and love it all the more =)

  8. Renee Lindo

    Great article- my new mantra “Do what you love, question the rules, be awesome and…BE BADASS!!! Love it! Thanks

    • karen gunton

      yay! post it on your wall where you work for the next time you feel stuck or annoyed… =)


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