Reduce Your Inbox by 10% in 60 Seconds

Email and inboxes are hot topics here at The Mogul Mom.

As mom entrepreneurs, we have to maximize our workable time, and reduce or eliminate our biggest time-sucking tasks – usually, that’s processing email.

Paul Hochman from Business On Main has a terrific video that’ll show you how to reduce your inbox by 10% in just one minute. Go ahead and watch it.

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  1. Tonya L

    My biggest problem is switching from iPhone to desktop. I’ll read something while on the road or at a clients with the intention of reading or handling it later, then later when I get on my desktop, I get busy with other things and it winds up getting buried. Any hints for that?

  2. Jena Casbon

    Hi Heather!
    About once a month I go on an “unsubscribe” rampage. If I haven’t ordered anything, bought anything, gotten any useful tips, etc. from company or blog poster- you’re done-zo.

    It’s quite freeing!

  3. Barb N

    Outlook handles all that he talked about – by adding reminders with a date and time, you don’t need to mark your email as ‘unread’ to deal with later – the reminder will pop up and let you know you still need to address that particular email. I use gmail but still prefer Outlook for business use.

  4. Cara Jane

    My biggest problem is not getting round to deleting mail. I use gmail too so space isn’t a problem but if I have forgotten to star or label the email it can be hard to find again in a sea of emails that I no longer need but don’t delete. Every now and again I go and unsubscribe from all the junk mail I no longer have interest in and start deleting everything I don’t need to keep daily but it doesn’t last long. Must be more disciplined!

  5. Natalie

    What an excellent short video! I madly wrote down tips and have already begun to implement them! Thanks!!!!!

  6. deb from ps bohemian

    I’m w/ Brooke – reassigning something as ‘unread’ is dreadful for productivity but soooooo tempting!

  7. Brooke Snow

    My biggest problem is reading things once, knowing that I don’t have time to take care of it right then, and then leaving it marked as “unread”. Since I’ve already read it, mentally I lose urgency and don’t respond as soon as I should. I need to have a better habit of not checking unless I can respond.

  8. Rivka

    Normally I really love the content on Mogul Mom, but this one missed the mark. It was only really for people that use Hotmail. And here is a tip – if you still use hotmail…switch to Gmail! I manage 10 different e-mail addresses all from one inbox (and I can receive and send to that same inbox, and change the sender address when composing the message with the click of a button). I can set up multiple inboxes, star things based on subject, add a question mark if I need to get more info before I can answer it, and have a great search tool if I ever need to find an e-mail again. That is just the beginning. Gmail. Its every Mogul Mom’s secret weapon. 🙂

    • Heather Allard

      Hey Rivka,
      Thanks for sharing – I actually agree with you – this post was pretty limited to hotmail/outlook users. But they need email help too. 😉

      I’ve been a Gmail user for about 5 years now and loooooooooooooooove it. You’re preaching to the choir. LOL. We actually have quite a few posts about email here on The Mogul Mom, including this one: .

      I appreciate your input and hope to offer more useful content to you soon!


  9. Tara @ Feels Like Home

    My biggest email problem is volume. Somehow, a “service” put me on a list of journalists, and I am receiving hundreds of emails every day from PR firms and the like who want me to waive my sponsored post fee on behalf of their “awesome client.” Blech. I’ve gotten off of the list, but so many people still have my email address, so I’ve been trying to check frequently and delete all of the messages that I don’t need.

  10. Andrea Ballard

    I like dragging email items to Tasks, in Outlook. If it’s an email that needs me to do something I turn it into a task. Otherwise, I file it in a folder or delete it! Keeps my email Inbox nice and clean.

    • Heather Allard

      That’s a great idea, Andrea – I haven’t used Outlook in years (diehard Gmail user) but that would’ve helped me a TON!

      Thanks for sharing!


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