3 Must-Have Tablet Accessories for Entrepreneurs

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I don’t know about you, but I have an iPad on the top of my Christmas list this year.

And not just because I’m a tech nerd. Or because I want to play Angry Birds on a bigger screen than my iPhone.

Nope, it’s because I can use it for business, especially if I add some simple (and affordable) accessories to it. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 😉 )

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  1. Christin Mielke

    Most definitely the keyboard/stand accessory. I have yet to master a way to accurately and quickly enter in data on a touch screen! All 3 of the accessories listed are a must have tho…

  2. Laura {The Embellished Nest}

    The thing I’m not crazy about is how its harder to type, so definitely the keyboard is at the top of my list!

  3. Latonya R

    I could use a cooling fan and adapter.

  4. Kathryn

    The tablet keyboard would definitely speed things up. I just purchased a tablet/pad and after keyboarding for so long, the transition to touch, while fun, is slower for me when responding to email.

  5. Diane Owens

    Love the idea of turning a tablet into a big screen presentation with the HDTV adapter–what will they think of next?! Thanks for sharing this informative little video.

  6. Amie

    I think the keyboard is a brilliant idea as it can be so frustrating trying to reply to an email in length on the touch screen and the fact that it attaches as a case so you always have it with you is great.

  7. BeccA

    Love the Keyboard stand

  8. Arwa

    I think the keyboard would be awesome; I’m still getting used to typing on a tablet.

  9. Patty Lennon

    Before yesterday I would have said the adapter. But yesterday I was at BlogHer Writers in NYC and the attendees with the keyboard were doing everything solo much faster than the rest of us so my vote is the keyboard!

  10. Susan

    I am loving the HDTV connector-great for my speaking presentations! Here’s to hoping!

  11. Christine M.

    Definitely the keyboard/stand/sleeve option. 3-in-one product? Now that’s multi-tasking!

  12. Renita

    Keyboard all day!

  13. Kathryn Korostoff

    The HDTV adapter!!! I do lots of presentations and more conference rooms now have HDTVs in them. How cool–I could do a preso with just my iPad? NO need to haul my laptop? Sure, the laptop is portable…but it’s still 7 pounds I could be happy without.

  14. Mayra Sotelo

    I could totally use the keyboard. One of the reason why I don’t send email from my Ipad is that the keyboard just takes too long to use. So I hope I win so I can get one!!

  15. Linda Lednum

    I would use the HDTV adapter. It would be great to have a larger screen available almost anywhere you go.

  16. Mary Witt

    Will the HDMI thing work with an iPad 2? If so, that’s the one I want!

  17. Elena Leppard

    I need the keyboard ASAP! Thanks Heather!!!

  18. hope

    The keyboard would be great! Thanks so much!

  19. Crystal

    I would definitely use the keyboard for my tablet. I type so much faster using a standard keyboard.

  20. Sparky Firepants

    I want that HDTV adaptor, badly.

    I’m going to Seattle next week and showing my art on my iPad. It would be awesome to know that in the future I could also hook into a conference room system and make it BIG.

  21. Sharon

    The keyboard totally!!

  22. Kathryn

    Because I’m used to typing 100+ words a minute on a keyboard and go down to what feels like 10 on screen, I’d love the keyboard–plus having that stand would be wonderfully convenient, too.

    Hubby would definitely vote for the HDTV adapter, but since *I’m* the Mogul-ish Mom around here, the keyboard it is!

  23. Charity - The Coupon Snob

    The keyboard/case/stand would be the ultimate accessory. That’s the one thing holding me back from getting my own iPad (hubby has one), and that’s the fact that I don’t like to touch and type!

    Hope I win!

  24. Diana Alexander

    I would so add the HDTV adapter by Samsung. The beauty of a tablet is how portable it is. Who wants to lug around that other stuff. But the HDTV adapter could fit in my lapel pocket right behind my handkerchief.

  25. Naomi Niles

    Definitely the keyboard. Typing on the screen keyboard is such a pain in the patooty. I always feel like “fat fingers”.

  26. Kim Sunlin

    I would definitely use the keyboard and stand more than anything else. I am old school and took a “typing” class! I can text pretty quickly, but with the bigger tablet, I find it more difficult to tap out messages quickly and efficiently. The wireless keyboard would be oh so helpful! Thanks! Kim Sunlin
    The Perfect Party Girl, LLC

  27. Carrie Hartman

    Keyboard Stand would be really super nice to use !

  28. Andrea

    Keyboard and stand all the way here! I’m still getting used to the whole typing on the screen thing.

  29. Tonya

    I have been considering a keyboard for a while. It would be nice to type/work without my big computer.

  30. Cynthia

    The hdtv hook up would be excellent for me as I review TV shows and a lot times I only have online access. This would be great.

  31. Sally

    The keyboard and stand would be useful.

  32. Leressa Joiner

    The accessory I think I would use the most is DEFINATELY the HDTV adapter. The idea of being able to use my tablet to create more professional looking presentations with the versatility of a smaller device such as a tablet is priceless!!

  33. Irini

    I like the keyboard!

  34. Tiffany N

    The keyboard would definately be the most help!!

  35. Kathy Eyre

    Ooohh it would have to be the “Ringo”…how cool is that!!!

  36. Michelle @ Find Your Balance

    Definitely the keyboard and stand – but then I think, wait, why don’t I just use my laptop? 🙂

  37. Kelly

    I’m loving that keyboard/stand, but I do think that adapter that you can use with the HDTV is really slick. Remember when we had the big screens and super eight movie projectors with home movies. Well, family movie night will never be the same. Oh and of course the presentations aspect is really nice too :).

  38. Gina

    The HDTV adapter would make it a lot easier to do speaking presentations. A projector that hooks to a laptop is so expensive, and this way the group would only need a TV while I brought the rest.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. Ashley H.

    I like the tablet keyboard.

  40. Katie @ Gadanke

    OH WOW! Those are so cool. The one I most would need is the keyboard/stand accessory so I can get a little more screen and continue my typing… I tend to be a crazy fast typer.

    Okay – fingers crossed. Thanks!


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