7 Steps to Getting Your Product Out of Your Head and Into the World

For the past year, I’ve wanted to write an ebook about “white space” and how busy moms can get more of it.
But life kept getting in my way. I realized it was time to practice what I preach. I made room for more white space in my own life and got my book written.
Here’s how I did it and how you can do it, too.

1. Make the Decision

When you make a decision to do something – and this can’t be said enough – it puts your decision in motion.
Clarity leads to action. Action leads to results.
All it took was for me to decide and I was on my way. I didn’t worry about the details. I kept my eye on the outcome and got to work.

2. Schedule It

The next thing I did was put a deadline on the calendar.
I needed to set that date or else I’d let something get in the way.  I’m great at giving assignments to everyone but myself. 😉
Once I had a deadline, I included other important dates like the first draft due date, the deadline to send the ebook to editor, when to find the graphic designer and when to email my mailing list.
I also allowed extra days to deal with our move to Seattle, time to hang with Mila, the new preschool search, weekends off and my other work.
Give yourself a ship date and stick to it. Thank you, Seth Godin.

3. Get Expert Help

If you are juggling your household, your business, your kids and more, get some help.
I hired three people to help me get my book to the finish line – a coach, an editor and a graphic designer.
My coach Kelly Kingman took my goal seriously and gave ME the white space I needed to get my project off the ground. Taking those first steps is the toughest part of any project, and she helped me do that.
Thanks to her encouragement, I hired an editor and a graphic designer, after thinking I could do both of those jobs.
Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can do it all. If that were true, you would have done the “thing” by now.

5. Get It Out There

After the design was done and I had those files in my hand, the next step was putting up a sales page on my site. Instead of writing a lengthy page, I kept it short and sweet with two buy options. I also wrote a sales-page type of blog post that came out the day the book was released.
I didn’t want to complicate this “just get it out there” part of the process. I didn’t want another excuse why the book wasn’t ready to sell.
Once you get your product out there, you can test and tweak all you want.

6. Promote It

Next, you need a simple, repeatable way of sharing your product with the world.
Here’s what I did and you can do, too:
1. Write guest posts for sites with a receptive audience
2. Offer special discounts and promos
3. Share on social media
Simple, repeatable, trackable steps.
So you see, it turns out that creating my ebook was a lot easier than I thought. Once I took action, my hard work paid off quickly and I now have my very first product out in the world.

What’s stopping you from getting your product out in the world? Share with me in the comments.


Anne Samoilov

My mission is to teach you one thing. It's this: You have a message you want to share with the world, a piece of art you want to create, a business you want to start...get out of your own way and do it. Make room for your revolution and then launch it.




  1. Lindy Asimus

    Nicely stated. Start with some kind of method to move forward and do it one step at a time.

    Too often we try to wait till we can do it All at once, or do it Perfect. Neither ever happens.Start with where you are and what you Can do.

  2. Yolanda

    Anne – thank you for sharing this post and being so transparent. One thing I have struggled with is sharing information that I’m struggling with myself. I think it helps me to consistently adopt ideas when I write them down and share with the universe. I’ve just come to that realization (after starting a new project – another blog) so now I really can go forth with those projects I’ve been putting off including my e-course and membership site for small business owners.

    My biggest hurdle really has been taking things one step at a time – I have so many ideas and I want to do them all today. Setting a deadline and milestones will help me get over that. Thanks again!

    • Anne Samoilov

      Hi Yolanda!
      One thing I will say about revealing struggles and your journey is that it’s good to leave a bit of time between “you’re going through it” and when you share your lessons with the world.

      I think Danielle LaPorte was the first person who said this directly once when I heard her speak. Go through your struggle, your pain, reflect and then share what you learn with the world… You give yourself much needed time to get perspective on the situation and be able to detach a little too!

      I’m so glad you got something from my post! Thanks so much for commenting.

  3. Jane Wright

    Great post – Promotion is probably my biggest issues. I find it hard to promote products without spending too much.

  4. Lisa Cash Hanson

    This is so true. In the process of launching my new baby product there are so many steps I’m not sure how to take. Instead of looking at all of them and becoming flustered, I just focus on the one directly in front of me, BUT I keep taking the next step. If you focus on lawyers, expensive patents, overseas production I find I’ll just collapse LOL.

    So I had a seamstress make the prototype ( looks great) hired an artist to produce product artwork and now I have it in front of a local US manufacturer to find out how much it will cost to produce.

    In the mean time I’ve launched my blog, custom FB Page for that blog, Twitter all avenues to promote my new product & I was just offered an ongoing syndicate on a major parenting website 🙂 So If I just keep putting one foot in front of the other I’ll stay on the road. It’s when I try to put one foot 10 feet ahead I always trip .

  5. Andreea

    Great post! Especially about outsourcing. I am currently looking for someone to help me with social media, marketing, sales pages, design and customer service. I’ve posted on some of the sites you mentioned and didn’t get any great candidates. Is there anyone you personally recommend?

    • Heather Allard

      I highly recommend Prerna Malik from http://themomwrites.com. She’s been helping me with social media marketing since July and she’s awesome! 🙂


  6. Stephanie's Mommy Brain

    I’m trying to launch a new blog in January. Maintaining my current blog, homeschooling and preparing for the holidays are definitely preventing me from working on the new blog. I think setting deadlines for myself might help. Thanks for the idea!

  7. Laura Magu

    Anne, so timely for me. Thank you for putting this out there for the rest of us to benefit!

    • Anne Samoilov

      My pleasure. Are you working on a project that you’ve been struggling to get started or finished? Love to hear more!

  8. Heather Allard

    I love your tips, Anne! Thanks so much for sharing your story. 🙂


    • Anne Samoilov

      My pleasure! It’s easy to forget that the process of creating something (anything really) often takes a small army to make it happen. I’m happy to share exactly what I’ve needed to do through every step of the process!


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