How to Use LinkedIn Groups to Create a Powerful Network

By now, I hope you’ve signed up for LinkedIn and created an impressive profile as well. So, now, let’s take a look at using one of the most popular networking options you have over at this professional social network – LinkedIn Groups.

Why Join a Group

A LinkedIn group is a simple, easy and interesting way to optimize your social engagement and brand building as well.

Being part of a group, participating in discussions and voicing your opinions and views can all earn you authority as an expert and open up your network to influencers in your niche.

How to Make LinkedIn Groups Work for You

While groups are an easy way of networking, they can quickly become a time sink and not really yield any results. That is why it is important to use your time wisely and your efforts sensibly to make the groups actually work for you and your business.

Here’s how:

Choose Groups Carefully

While LinkedIn does allow you to be a member of 50 groups, you really don’t want to join 50 groups. Trust me, you’ll never have the time to participate in all 50 and really contribute to any of them.

Instead, focus on groups in your niche and choose the ones that would have the largest concentration of your ideal client or customer.

Small is Better

While a large-sized group may impress you with the number of members, I’d recommend choosing groups that have more than 300 members and less than 3000.

A small-sized group is easier to network with. You’ll have a better chance to start discussions that actually receive eyeballs and responses. Also, you’ll be better positioned to contribute to ongoing discussions and be featured as a “Top Influencer” which in turn will help you build authority and online visibility.

Go Where the Crowd Is

All the groups have “Most Popular Discussions”. These are like the office water cooler – the most popular place where most members congregate and talk about a topic. Try to participate in these discussions since this is where you’ll find the most engaging conversation and in the process, get plenty of visibility.

Another advantage of participating in these discussions is that you’re exposed to a wide variety of opinions, views and ideas from your target demographic, so you can use that as feedback when working on your business sales and marketing strategy.

Staying Social and Professional

The advantage of being a member of only a few, select groups is that you can schedule time to visit each group at least twice a week to check for new updates, discussions and comments.

Stick to the basics of social networking etiquette in your LinkedIn groups as well – no spamming group members, no over-selling yourself or your products and services, participating in discussions in a polite and professional manner and basically, adding value by being a member of a group.

Have you joined a LinkedIn group as yet? 

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Prerna Malik

Founder at Content Bistro
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  1. Hillary

    Great tips. I’ve just started to participate more on LinkedIn in the past six months and have already seen how valuable the connections are building relationships and opportunity.

    • Prerna Malik

      Hi Hillary, thanks! And am glad to see that your participation on LinkedIn is already showing results. Do keep us posted:-)

  2. Rivka K

    Great post! There are so many opportunities on LinkedIn, it is one thing I always recommend to my business clients as a first step. Will definitely be passing this on! 🙂

    • Prerna Malik

      Thanks, Rivka. I agree, LinkedIn is a treasure trove of opportunities and businesses of all sizes and types can find them there! Thanks for sharing and stopping by.


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