Sick Kids + Work Day? Not a Disaster After All

“Mom, I don’t feel good!” Nothing throws a wrench in your work day like a sick child, or two or three.

Kid sick days are inevitable. But don’t fear! You don’t have to scrap your work plans for the day. You can manage an ill child and your business and rock both.

Here are some tips from mogul moms just like you:

  • Wait for the sick-nap: Sick kids usually take a healthy nap or two. Jen Singer from Momma Said shares, “Schedule (your work day) around the crash. Most sick kids sleep after lunch or late afternoon. Plan phone calls for those times and leave other work for when they’re awake.”
  • Television is your friend: Mogul moms agree-a sick-kid day is not the time to feel guilty about television watching. “Don’t feel guilty if you put your child in front of a movie. Let it go and work like a mad woman during the 90-minute show!” recommends, Kim Estes of Savvy Parents Safe Kids.
  • Go mobile: A wireless set-up in your home (router, printer and Bluetooth) allows you to work anywhere your sick child needs you to be. “My home office is set up so I can work from anywhere in the house.” Sherry Lombardi of Hula Frog shared. “When my kids are sick, I set up shop in TV room with my laptop snuggle up with them.  If they need anything, I’m there.  But I can still have a productive day.”
  • Let it Go: Anisha Bailey of ACBailey Tax said it well, “The key to balance is understanding what’s important-family. If your kids are OK, then the business will be OK.” Take breaks to spend just with your sick child; read a book, play a game or rest together. You’ll both feel better for it!

What are your tips for turning sick days into productive days? Tell us in the comments!


Heather Allard

Heather Allard is a mom of three kids + one big rescue dog. She's a wellness buff, an essential oil educator with dōTERRA, and a self-professed “entrepreneur to the core”.

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  1. Nicole @ KidsAndJeans

    I have 4 children. Ages 8 months up to 11. When the older three are sick, they enjoy playing games on the Kindle Fire. It’s small and compact enough that they can snuggle under the covers with it. It’ll occupy them long enough for me to get some work done!

  2. Pepper

    Great tips and I really appreciate the don’t feel guilty about TV when they are sick. You have to do what you have to do.

    I also loved that sometimes you just have to take a day off. Enjoy the time with your children, most likely this is one reason you chose to be a work at home mom.

    One thing I haven’t done but really want to do is to create some quiet activity bags. Pull up some of my favorite pinterest craft ideas (that they can do on their own), some books that they are bored with, or some toys that they are done with for now. Get everything together and put them in a gallon size ziploc.

    The toys and books will seem new and they always love to do crafts.

    Then when my boys need something to do or just need some quiet time I’m ready for them.

  3. Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead

    My 3yo has been sick off and on the last few weeks, first with a cold I gave her and then with one my husband brought home. The laptop was my best friend during that time…and I’m certainly starting to appreciate computing in the cloud & Evernote a lot more! It makes it so much easier to switch from PC to laptop without hassle.

  4. Sarah Clachar

    Boy, have I been there – and I’ve used all of these tips. However, here’s the MOST IMPORTANT one in my book: Take care to not get sick yourself!

    As we snuggle, tend and handle dirty dishes – plus stay up all night to tend our babes or get in some missed work time – we become super vulnerable to being the next victim! (Experience talks, here)

    So pay keen attention to washing your hands, cleaning down counters. When you snuggle, try to keep your face away from your child’s. Make sure you eat well, drink lots and even sneak some short exercise bouts in.

    BTW, I have a terrific, belief-shaking teleseminar coming up next Tuesday on exactly this topic:

    Moms, take care of yourself so you can take care of your kids and business!

    • Nina Manolson

      Here are two more tips for sick days:

      1. Here are a slew of natural remedies that will speed up the healing in your house:

      2. Instead of TV, I set my kids up to listen to this amazing app that has a zillion audio stories for kids.

      And, yes, taking care of self is always #1.


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