How To Maximize LinkedIn Groups for Business

LinkedIn connects businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals from all genres, and all phases of business operation. If you’re looking to sell more or make some vital B2B connections, hop over to LinkedIn and sign up. Then, get cracking on finding a few groups to join. Groups are vital little plots of like-minded business people, just waiting to be awesome resources for you.

Find Relevant Groups

LinkedIn allows you to join up to 50 groups, so you’re pretty sure to find a few that fit well. For instance, if you sell baby products at wholesale, search for children’s retailers. Or, if you’re in the wedding business, search for wedding planners. Once you’re in a group or two, take the time to read posts and get a general feel for the group. If it seems too “spammy” or just feels wrong, move on and find another group that fits better. Remember, your goal is to make marketable connections with people in your groups, so you have to feel comfortable there.

Add Value

The value you bring to a LinkedIn group is what helps boost your connections and trust-ability. The same social media rules apply here as everywhere else: Don’t spam, and share relevant, helpful things. Read others’ posts and provide helpful responses when you can. Add links to resources that may  benefit the group as a whole.

Each group has its own policy on what constitutes spam. Read it so you know when it’s OK to post links for your own biz.

Discuss Wisely

Once you’re comfortable with your groups, use them to network and do some research. Have a new product to share? Post about it and ask for critique. Looking for a supplier or merchant? Ask for recommendations. Your groups have just become a virtually unlimited resource, so don’t be afraid to start talking.

What LinkedIn groups have you joined?

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  1. Amir Nayak


    I have reached or exceeded the maximum number of confirmed and pending groups. Is there any process to maximize our group. I need As many as group to be added to my account. Please suggest me to add over 50 group to my account.

    thanks for your support.


  2. Jupiter Jim


    Love your simple easy to follow suggestions. People forget how powerful LinkedIn can be. Everyone loves FB, Twitter and Pinterest but LinkedIn can be a great source of leads for business people.

    Thanks for sharing!

    — Jupiter Jim


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