3 Essential (and Easy) Branding Moves for Busy Moms

Is there anything more annoying than hearing “Are we almost there yet?” from the back seat, minutes after you’ve pulled out into traffic, and hours before you’re going to arrive at your destination?

The process of establishing a recognizable brand for your business can be every bit as annoying. You’d like — more than anything — to have it done. To be there already, enjoying the benefits of having established a recognizable brand.

If you’re running a business and raising children, you don’t have time to waste on branding techniques that don’t work.

This post focuses on what you can do to communicate your visual brand once and for all.

What’s a visual brand?

Your visual brand is a visible representation of your business. It’s what Heather has here on The Mogul Mom. It’s a “look” we’d all recognize even if we took the words away. 

A brand that showcases what your business offers in a way that’s appealing and attractive helps grow your business. It attracts prospects, it helps convert them to customers, and it makes your business easy to refer to others.

Another plus: you’ll love using your marketing materials when they look great and make you feel proud. You’ll be more likely to get out there and promote your website, pass out business cards, and contact potential partners when your brand looks polished.

What’s your brand personality?

Your brand personality refers to the tone you’d like your marketing materials to take. It’s easy to figure out your brand personality, and takes less than ten minutes if you answer the handful of questions on my free (no opt-in) Uncover Your Brand Personality worksheet.

Go through the questions and answer each one, placing your company on the sliding scale provided.

Once you have the basic description of your brand personality, you can move on to choosing visual elements that reflect it.

Color your brand-new world

The easiest way to establish your visual brand is to start with two main colors that will set the tone for everything you do. Why two?

Because it’s easier for your target market to remember just two colors, and easier to establish your visual brand across all your marketing pieces when you use those two colors consistently.

For more on choosing colors, including a free resource you can download today, see Which Colors Are Best for Your Business?

Give your messages a voice with unique fonts

Custom fonts that are unique and memorable add a layer of meaning to the words you write. Fonts — like colors — add personality.

In general, fonts with little feet (called serifs) are easy to read, classic and formal. Fonts with no feet (sans-serif) are contemporary and streamlined.

Choose one full-family of fonts with a variety of weights, or combine fonts, but keep it to two different fonts total.

It’s easier to perceive your brand personality when you use no more than two fonts, and much easier for you when you choose from a reduced menu of fonts as you’re putting together your materials.

For more on fonts, see What Font Should You Use?

Keep it simple and kiss your branding worries goodbye

It may seem too simple, but that really is all there is to it.

  1. Discover your brand personality
  2. Choose two main colors to represent it
  3. Choose two fonts that reflect your brand

Then the trick is to rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat. Just keep using these colors and fonts consistently over time to establish your visual brand. Remember:

Repetition + time = a memorable visual brand

You can do this, and the sooner you figure it out, the better. Uncover your “brand personality,” pick colors and fonts that express it, and use them consistently over time.

You’ll be able to kiss your branding worries goodbye, and spend more time kissing your children. And that’s how it should be, right?

About the author:

Pamela Wilson believes your business may be small, but your brand can be BIG. She shows you how at the Big Brand System, where you can start growing your business with her free Marketing Toolkit today.


Pamela Wilson

Founder at Big Brand System
Pamela Wilson is an award-winning graphic designer and marketing consultant who has helped small businesses and large organizations create 
“big brands” since 1987.

In 2010, she founded Big Brand System to show small business owners how a system of strategic marketing and 
great design makes them look professional,
 cohesive and successful. She believes that your business may be small, but your brand can be BIG.

Pamela is now Director of Special Projects at Copyblogger Media, where she helps people build a strong presence on the web.




  1. Marie for Substance of Living

    My website is growing nicely, we are four months old, and with your information it will be even better. Thank you for simplifying the steps.


    • Pamela Wilson

      Glad they helped, Marie. Thanks for commenting, and good luck!

  2. Pamela Wilson

    I’m glad it made you think, Nica. Good luck with paring down those fonts!

  3. Nica Mandigma

    ooppss! I have two colors but not two fonts. I should think about that.



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