Outsourcing: A Mom Entrepreneur’s Answer to Overwhelm

After I’d spent yet another hour of precious work time trying to design an email sign up form that looked presentable when I vowed, “Never again!”
As mogul moms, time is our most precious commodity. Even more precious than money.
Our time comes at a premium, and spending that time struggling with tasks that aren’t our core competencies or those that suck away at our energy without really building our business only leads to overwhelm and exhaustion.
After my two-hour stint as a form designer, I needed an hour away from the laptop.
Could I afford it? Not really.
What I could afford is outsourcing my design and maintenance jobs to someone who specializes in them. Someone who’ll actually enjoy doing these jobs because they are her ‘business’.
Yes, outsourcing is often the answer to overwhelm.
Here are 5 reasons why mom entrepreneurs needs to consider outsourcing some aspects of their businesses, especially as summer approaches and family time takes precedence over business:

1. Boost Efficiency

Outsourcing jobs that are not your strengths or core competencies can help you focus on the jobs that do matter.
For instance, web design is NOT my strength. By hiring someone else do it for me, I have the time to focus on creating content, managing social media accounts and pitching new business.

 2. Build your Business

That’s right. When you free up your time, you can actually focus on building your business.
You have the time you need to set up new projects, follow leads, launch products or services and basically, take your business to the next level. All in the time you have.

 3. Increase Flexibility

Part of the reason we moms become entrepreneurs is because we crave the flexibility having your own gig offers. But somewhere down the road, that flexibility becomes a fantasy as we get caught up in juggling the many responsibilities a business brings with it.
Outsourcing brings back the flexibility in your life as an entrepreneur. If you outsource your blogging needs, for example, you don’t have to worry about finding the time to write during a busy holiday season. You can spend the time with your family and let your business blogger do the needful.

 4. Grow Your Network

Yes, outsourcing is a great way to grow your network. You hire someone to do your web design or accounting for you and they’re bound to think of you when they need someone in your niche.
It’s happened to me many times over. Outsourcing is a great way to support another entrepreneur while freeing up your time and growing your professional network as well.

 5. Bring Back the Joy

Most importantly, outsourcing is a great way to infuse your day as a business owner with a lot more joy and a lot less grief.
You wouldn’t dread tax time because you know your bookkeeper is taking care of those for you. You wouldn’t feel bad about ignoring your business social media accounts when you leave on a month-long vacation because you know your social media manager is leveraging them fully for you.
Outsourcing is a great way to bring back the joy in what we do as moms and entrepreneurs!


Prerna Malik

Founder at Content Bistro
Prerna Malik is a gourmet copywriter and community manager for time-starved entrepreneurs at Content Bistro . Snag her free eBook, Social Sizzle, to supercharge your social media.




  1. Angelique

    Great article! I tell people all the time: you don’t do your dentistry, and you don’t know any more about web design than you do teeth!

  2. Stacie Kenton

    Fantastic post, Prerna! As a Virtual Assistant, I love being able to take tasks off of my client’s plate allowing them to focus on the really important aspects of their business. Partnering with the right VA can make a world of difference in business growth…we can help make some serious magic happen! 😉

  3. Amy Wright

    Great post! I 100% agree an all accounts. Hiring help is a must at a certain point in your business and gives you your freedom back. Lot’s of hard work to get to that point, as in doing it all yourself, but once you do… it’s totally worth it.

  4. Tracy

    Where do you fit outsourcing such as social media twitter helpers in your first year start up budget?

    • Heather Allard

      Hey Tracy,

      Well, you might try using tools like HootSuite to make your social media outreach easier until you can fit outsourcing it into your budget. 🙂


      • Tracy

        Thanks Heather, great suggestion!

        • Heather Allard

          You’re quite welcome. 🙂 We love HootSuite!

  5. Joe

    Your five points are true. But the size of your job is important too. If you only need small jobs done then lookup the microjobs websites, most start at $5. If you want workers for small repeat jobs try odesk. If you have a larger project then post it on freelancer where outsourcers bid for your job.

  6. Ornella

    I really enjoyed reading your post, Prerna. I had an issue with understanding how to design my sign up form for my blog through MailChimp. I switched over to Aweber and it was so much easier. I especially liked when you said “When you free up your time, you can actually focus on building your business.” I thin women, too often, will feel overwhelmed and lose focus on building their business.

    Thanks for the awesome tips!

  7. Jennifer

    FABULOUS post and perfectly timed for me. I have recently felt as if I was at a breaking point (on more than one occasion) and have seriously contemplating just closing down shop since it can get so overwhelming. This is encouraging information and exactly the direction I need to go in. I think if I reduce my frustrations, I will be much more productive and focused. Now, how do you go about finding people to outsource to?? Are there sites or resources which help connect you with people? Any guidance (or a follow-up post about this) would be exceptional and appreciated. Thanks. I really enjoy your newsletter.

    • Prerna

      Hi Jennifer, glad you liked the post and yes,doing everything on our own can get overwhelming as biz owner. I’ll be happy to do a follow-up post on where to find people to outsource to:-) But it basically, depends on what you’re looking for. I generally, prefer working with fellow mom entrepreneurs and simply, look for them on Twitter or Facebook or ask for recommendations from other biz owners.

  8. Kate

    I would love to hear suggestions on best places to find the best & cheapest outsourcing resources. Who do you go to for design work? Website work? Do you use freelancers? What is a good price? etc.

    • Nica Mandigma

      Many people think that companies and entrepreneurs outsource just to reduce their business costs. As Prerna writes, outsourcing is more about taking back control of your life and initiating a good-work life balance. It’s about focusing on what matters to you the most — whether it’s growing your business or pursuing other income streams.

      As a virtual assistant myself, I am glad that I allow my clients, who are moms like me too, to find time to rest, recharge themselves, and be with their families.

  9. Ana Talukder Simpson

    PERFECT timing! I have been debating outsourcing those lovely graphic jobs for quite some time and today was my Mailchimp day…and as I was going through my inbox (read: procrastinating working on my email blast because I hate working with those stupid templates), here you are telling me just what I needed to hear.

    I would LOVE someone to create some Mailchimp templates for me, so if you have a good source, let me know – I’m ready to OUTSOURCE!!! 🙂

  10. Srishti@Prolific Cooking

    Very useful post Prerna. Opened up my mind to think about a lot many different aspects!

    • Prerna

      Thanks, Srishti! Let me know if you’d like to chat anytime 🙂

  11. Dannii

    This is a really great post! I run a virtual assistant business and talk to many business owners about what they can outsource and why they should. This sums it up very well.

    • Prerna

      Glad you liked the post, Dannii!

  12. karen gunton

    awesome post prerna! i will be sharing this for sure. and can i add one more reason – it is that whole idea of biz karma (do unto others / what goes around comes around/walk the talk/put your money where your mouth is/however you want to look at it). i hear all the time from biz mums who say “i want people to value what i do, value my expertise, hire me for my knowledge and experience” etc etc. yet instead of valuing another biz builder for their expertise and hiring them they just try to DIY. i KNOW that we all need to bootstrap, and DIY, and figure out a lot of it on our own, (i do it too!) but i think we ought to try to change that culture slowly. whenever we can we ought to support other mums in biz as we ourselves build our own. =)

    • Prerna

      Hi Karen, thanks and totally agree about the biz karma thing.. Simple example, when I was wanting to hire my web maintenance gal and trying to see if we can squeeze it out of our budget, a plum new project landed in my ‘lap’ {read: inbox} that pretty much now pays for her monthly fee!

      I totally endorse DIYing as much as the next person but having experienced the benefits of outsourcing can attest to the freedom and feel-good it brings!

  13. Vicky N.

    Yes. Outsourcing. I need more of that!! LOL!

  14. Stephanie

    Oh yeah! Great post. Totally reminds me of all the things I love about having my own biz!


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