How To Boost Business With Fantastic Photography

How many websites or social media sites are you on each day that have photography that just doesn’t quite cut it?

I see it all the time. Fast and easy to load websites, well written blogs, great Facebook pages….and then, there’s the photography.

I know what you’re thinking. We all have to start somewhere and I certainly agree that in the early days of your business you need to show your fabulous products off somehow.

But have you thought about the kind of message your sending out to your fans or potential clients?

The bigger question…

Is your photography in alignment with your brand and style you’ve worked so hard to create? Does it represent your vision and goals? Have you gone to a whole lot of trouble writing and rewriting for your blog or website only to put up a ‘snap’ up of your fantastic product?

You really want you and your brand to shine through in your photographs. And great product photography can make a huge difference on your website or online store. 

But, hiring a professional photographer to do the job is going to be expensive right? Not necessarily.

A professional photographer will have the right equipment and knowledge to photograph your products and show them off to their full advantage, which will make a vast difference in the kind of client or buyer you will attract.

But before you hire a professional photographer to do the job, here are some tips for getting the best out of your photographer and getting your products and ‘brand’ ready for their close up.

The Background

  • Decide what visual story you want to tell with your images. Do you want the products ‘floating’, on a white or black background, photographed on glass, or are you going to use props to help tell the story of your products? Let’s say your product is jewelry. Do you want your pieces photographed on a model or attached to a jewelry stand?
  • Are your products really colorful? Keep this in mind when choosing the color of the background.
  • What about a dinner set? Are you going to use ‘kitchen’ style accessories to highlight your product? Or have each piece of the dinner set photographed as an individual item on a white background with no props?

Chat with the photographer

Once you have decided what ‘style’ you would like your photos to be, it’s time to discuss all of these points with your photographer. He or she may have some other suggestions for your shoot.

Look online at other stores for inspiration and talk at length to the photographer to make sure your vision is realized on the day of the shoot. Some photographers will email you test shots for approval once they have received your products. This is really helpful to both parties and ensures that the photography style is exactly what you want.

Most photographers will want your products boxed up and delivered to their studio for your photo shoot. Speak to your photographer about insurance and bear in mind you wont have access to your products for the duration of the shoot.

Make sure all your products are clean, and in good condition. Attach a numbered inventory (and number each wrapped item). This makes it a quicker process for the photographer and will ultimately save you money.

Let your photographer know if you would also like some of your products photographed for brochures or for your Facebook or blog banner. This will help them know which resolution (image size) to use.

Most photographers will resize and crop your images to the specifications of your website or online store and will provide you with a CD of all your images in a format ready for brochures and the web.

How has fantastic photography helped your business? Share your story below.

About the author:

Christine is the owner of Bernasconi Photography, a boutique studio in Sydney, Australia that specializes in product photography, portraits and weddings. Chris is passionate about business and photography + would love to help you grow your business with great product photography. Find her on Facebook or Twitter.


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  1. Sharon Hayes

    Great tips! I shared this to my social networks.

  2. Britt Anderson

    Great post, and as a fellow photographer I couldn’t agree more! We are in a visual world, and with everything online, you need to make an impact. If you want a leg up, showcasing your work in the best light should be a number 1 priority!


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