5 Ways to Use Back to School to Get Back to Business

This is a guest post by Terra Bohlmann of The Working House.

As mogul moms we have to re-adjust our personal and professional lives during the summer months to keep our kids busy.

Camps, vacations, play dates, sports, trips to the beach, and before we know it, summertime has flown by. 

The upside to the bittersweet end of summer? More time to focus on business.

Here are five ways to use back to school to get back to business.


1.Draft Up an Action Plan

Take an hour to think about what you want to accomplish for your business in the next three months.

Then, write down it all down. Writing your goals down on paper forces your brain to take action and increases the likelihood you will succeed.

Here are a few questions you can ponder to get your started:

Planning is a major component of business success. The single hour you take to create a plan helps you stay focused on the priorities to grow your business. The plan doesn’t have to be perfect and will likely change along the way. That’s ok. The important thing is that you have a plan, in writing. 

2. Meet New People

Now it’s time to expand our circle by meeting people in person and online. It’s not about pitching our businesses, but instead, about establishing genuine relationships.

To find local in-person networking events in your area, check out www.Meetup.com. To connect with people online, get involved in niche discussion forums and blogs that target your customer market and/or connect you with leaders in your field. Also, take advantage of Twitter chats and LinkedIn groups.

3.Brainstorm with Other Like-Minded Ladies

Brainstorm or mastermind.

No matter what you call it, putting together a few heads together to come up with creative ideas for your business is always better than thinking alone.

Gather a group of like-minded women for an hour or two and talk business. Meet up in a unique location to really help spark creativity.

4. Connect with Former Customers

Former customers are often overlooked as a way to grow your business. Send an email, make a lunch date or connect on social media with those people who have done business with you in the past. Let them know what you have been up to and ask about how things are going for them. Even if they don’t need more of your products or services right now, they may refer you to others who do.

5. Educate Yourself to Grow

Take a cue from the kiddos going back to school and set aside a few hours a week for YOU to learn, too.

There are so many online courses, blogs, books and podcasts (even whole degree programs online) that will teach you everything you need to know to grow your business. Figure out what you need to learn to take your business to the next level and take time to learn it.

Ultra successful people are always learning. And there are a lot of people who are willing to teach you their secrets to success. Take advantage of this opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

Now that the kids are back in school, you have more of your most precious commodity – time. Well, at least until you hear, “Mom, I’m home!”

How are you going to use back to school to get back to business?

About the author:

Terra Bohlmann, PMP, is the founder of TheWorkingHouse.com and author of “The Boss in Bunny Slippers: A Woman’s Guide to Leadership Success…All While Working from Home” and “Think Outside of the Coffee Shop: 47 Interesting Places to Host Meetings”. She coaches entrepreneurs (especially mompreneurs) to learn how to grow their businesses using the web and virtual teams. She believes in empowering entrepreneurs to give them the budget-friendly tools and techniques used by big companies. Stay connected with Terra by visiting her blog, subscribing to her eNewsletter, HOME|WORK, or following her on Facebook and Twitter.


Terrah Bohlmann

Entrepreneur Coach at The Working House
Terra Bohlmann, PMP, is the founder of TheWorkingHouse.com and the creator of Virtual Team Building Boot Camp, where she coaches entrepreneurs to understand how to grow their businesses using the web and virtual teams while working from home. Terra lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and three sons (9 year old Grant & twin toddlers, Cooper and Lance).

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  1. WAHMJessica

    It is hard getting back on a schedule now that my son is in school. Actually I don’t follow any particular schedule but I do try to get work and personal stuff done before my son and husband get home. It’s just hard getting started after taking it easy during the summer

  2. Terra Bohlmann

    Hi Elizabeth, I am so excited for you taking action! That is the key to success. I keep a notebook with me in my purse so I can always write things down. My best thoughts come when I let my mind wander. 🙂

  3. Elizabeth

    Thanks for the reminder to write things down! I do think that it sets you up to succeed. i”m taking a piece of paper into my bath tonight and will write them down. Thanks for the reminder… see already it’s making me take action!!! 😉

  4. Terra Bohlmann

    Glad ya’ll enjoy the post. I agree, Heather, I am an action plan – make a list and get it done type of gal, too.

  5. Kara

    I’m going into week two of my three kids being back in school and sooo need this direction! Thanks for the refresher Terra! Time to refocus. Great reminders.

  6. Heather Allard

    Thank you so much for sharing these tips, Terra! I’ve found that an action plan has been most helpful for my business! 🙂


  7. Terra Bohlmann

    Thanks, Angie! I agree…I have found getting out and meeting people really helps solidify relationships.

  8. Angie Nelson

    Great tips, Terra! As home business owners it is often easy to get really comfortable at home, but it is so important to keep expanding that offline network too.


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