5 Cool Tools for Managing Social Media

As busy mom entrepreneurs, we’re constantly seeking ways to build our brand without cutting into our time with our families. Luckily for us, the Internet and social media makes it possible to do so without spending a dime.


That’s right, you can create a kickass online marketing presence armed with some cool social media tools to help you do more with your Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest presence.


Here are five must-have social media tools that every mom entrepreneur should have in her marketing toolbox:

1. PinAlerts

Cool Factor: This free tool helps you to monitor your Pinterest presence without having to manually search for pins from your site. Simply head over, set up an account, adding your website links and determining the frequency of emails you’d like to be sent. That’s it. Sit back and enjoy knowing what people are pinning from your site.


How to Use It: You can use PinAlerts to monitor popular products or content on your site. You can also set up PinAlerts for competitor sites to keep tabs on what are their hot products. Also, you can use it for research to see what people in your niche are pinning.

2. Monitter

Cool Factor: This easy-to-use and free tool helps you track mentions, hashtags and trends on Twitter. While you can always link it to your Twitter account, I prefer just typing in whatever I’m ‘monitter’ing and tracking data.  You can also filter results geographically.  Neat!


How to Use It: There are SO many ways to use the information you get from Monitter. You can use it to find relevant followers in your niche, hone in on conversations about your brand, discover potential customers and also, find interesting and related content to share.

3. EdgeKick

Cool Factor: With all the changes happening to Facebook, I’m sure you want to know what type of posts are popular and also which posts get the most comments, likes or shares. Enter EdgeKick {thank you Heather for directing me to this!}, yet another easy-to-use tool that will help you do all that in just a few clicks.


How to Use It: Set up your analysis by entering your Facebook page URL and then, wait a bit while it pulls all your data. Then, whenever you want to track your results, simply go to EdgeKick, enter your Facebook page URL and voila, you’ll see how many likes per hour you’re getting and best of all, a post summary for the last 90 days.  The post summary will help you see the popularity of Photo, Status or Link posts with your audience, and tailor your posts accordingly.

4. Similar Sites

Cool Factor:  Ever want to find sites that are similar to yours so that you can guest post on them or maybe collaborate with them? Well, Similar Sites makes that super easy. Just type in the URL of your website and you’ll get up to 25 sites that are similar to yours ranked from highest to lowest.


How to Use It: Moms with businesses can use this tool to find sites to guest post on as well as identify best practices and apply them to their business website.

5. Visual.ly 

Cool Factor: Finally, in the day and age of infographics everywhere, I couldn’t leave without sharing a tool to help you create one, easily. As someone who is blessed to have a non-tech brain, a tool like this is really handy. All you need to do is select a story or template, connect your Facebook or Twitter account, and then, customize. Fun!


How to Use It: Mom entrepreneurs can use Visual.ly to create eye-catching and engaging infographics in minutes and use them to boost exposure, traffic and visibility on various social media channels.

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Prerna Malik

Founder at Content Bistro
Prerna Malik is a gourmet copywriter and community manager for time-starved entrepreneurs at Content Bistro . Snag her free eBook, Social Sizzle, to supercharge your social media.




  1. Lauri Chertok

    Thanks for this vital information.
    I have been wanting to learn about them and now you have made it so easy.

  2. Jacqueline Hart

    Launching a whole new product/ branch of business this week and this article is in my top 3 of USEFUL, USEFUL practical advice. Thanks!!!!

  3. maayan shemesh

    Thank you so much, I’m just starting out my online marketing business, i do social media and your post has thaught me some new things can’t wait to try them out on my clients.

  4. Surabhi @ Womanatics

    Prerna, really liked the post. Thanks a lot for the compilation. I am going to try visual.ly and similar sites. Thanks again 🙂

    • Prerna

      Thanks, Surabhi! SO glad you liked this.. Do keep us posted about what you create with Visual.ly:-)

  5. Nicole Maxino

    I apologize. I tried it several times and it did not work but now it is!

    • Prerna

      Hi Nicole, thanks for letting us know.. Glad it worked out!

  6. Terra Bohlmann

    Fabulous article, Prerna…Will be sharing this with post with my work at home community. Loooove Visual.ly – had no idea about that one. Thank you thank you!

    • Prerna

      You are most welcome, Terra! SO glad you liked it.. Can’t wait to see the infographics you design with Visual.ly:-)

  7. Abdallah

    Nice post. There are so many tools out there and it is good to read a summary of some of them. I also use Engagio (www.engag.io) on a regular basis for managing my social conversations. It connects with most of the major social networks and offers a fresh way of discovering interesting content via conversations (full disclosure: I work for Engagio!)

    • Heather Allard

      Thanks, Abdallah! We love learning about new tools – will definitely check out Engagio! 🙂

      • Abdallah

        Great! Do let me know how you like it.

    • Prerna

      Thanks for sharing, Abdallah.. Can’t wait to check it out now:-)

      • Abdallah

        No problem. I just sent both of you and Heather an invitation to Engagio via twitter!

  8. Samar @ The Writing Base

    Awesome post Prerna! Will definitely be trying them all out.

    I love Pinterest but am still struggling to use it from a business point of view. So any tool that makes things easier is a hit with me.

    For my business, Twitter has proven to be the most successful but finding mentions and shares from my website is always a toughie. Some almost always slip through so thanks for the tool!

    I’ll be trying PinAlerts and Monitter.

    • Prerna

      Hi Samar! Thanks so much.. Glad you liked the tools.. Do keep us posted on your progress using these..


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