4 Ways the Internet Makes Being a Mom Entrepreneur Easier

Chances are, you rely on the other moms you know for carpools, a laugh, maybe even an extra poster board for school projects when you forgot to hit up Michaels.

But I’ve found that you can rely on moms for a lot more than that.

Like support for your business.

Think about it — who understands the mom/work juggle better than another mom business owner?

I’ve found that by networking with, relying on, hiring, and encouraging other moms, you can find all the support you need for that often isolating work-at-home-mom gig you’ve got going.

And not just in your back yard, time zone, or working hours. The virtual world has changed our world in so many ways, and taking advantage of it can improve your quality of life AND grow your business.

How? Well, here are four ways the World Wide Web makes being a mom entrepreneur easier.

4 Ways the Internet Makes Being a Mom Entrepreneur Easier

1. You can be international 

The beauty of working virtually is that you can work with moms all over the world. You can hire them or take them on as clients. Or both!

I get support from moms in Oregon, Memphis, the Philippines, India, Belgium, and the Netherlands! And my client roster spans the globe.

The Internet makes it possible to do business anywhere, making you an international mom entrepreneur.

2. You can work when you want to

When you’re a mom entrepreneur, you don’t always have those big blocks of “9-to-5” time like folks who work outside the home. Luckily, an Internet connection or Wi-Fi helps you use every bit of available time you do have, no matter where you are.

With my handy smartphone, I can move through an amazing amount of work just sitting in my car waiting for my children’s school dismissal bell or for the piano lesson to end. And I’m doing more than just processing email. I’m using some amazing tools that increase my productivity, and help me run my business on the go.

Using my smartphone, I can:

  • SKYPE or “hangout” with clients, or even hold a join.me meeting.
  • Check art through Dropbox.
  • Clip interesting articles or tweets I come across to Evernote.
  • Correspond with clients through Facebook messaging.
  • Update my boards on Pinterest.

I am 100% more productive than I could have been just five years ago before 4G.

I’ve even started to take my morning walk with another mom in Memphis – power strategizing her social media campaign while we power walk. We’re burning calories instead of burning the midnight oil!

3. You can use time zones to your advantage

You don’t have to be an insomniac to reach people in different time zones anymore. (Though if you are an insomniac, you’ve almost always got company from other moms finishing or starting their days!)

One of my stateside clients teaches a course in Europe late at night when her kids are asleep, but her customers’ day is just starting.  A little nap and she’s good to go, to be with the kids during the day.

My designer in Singapore has already started her Monday when I need something Sunday night.

My clients on the east coast wake up to plans I prepared in the late evening in LA. Conversely, I chat with my east coast client after her kids are fed and before mine return home from soccer practice. It’s whatever works, for both parties.

4. You can find your village no matter where you live

I have found my “village”…virtually.

I still rely on my local village, of course, but this group of women entrepreneurs I have met online speak my language even when my closest carpool friends don’t. We share work, and advice, and all the love and support we mom entrepreneurs need.

I love having a business I can call my own, and I love to know I’m not alone.

They say it takes a village and I agree….whether the village is in your backyard or halfway around the world!

How has the Internet improved your life as a mom entrepreneur? Tell us in the comments.

About the author:

Laura Wallis is an online marketing consultant known as the “Web Navigator Gal”. She’s on a mission to help entrepreneurs navigate the world of online marketing so they can get noticed and grow their business.


Laura Wallis

Online Marketing Consultant at Web Navigator Gal
Online Marketing Consultant Laura Wallis is “Web Navigator Gal,” on a mission to help dynamic, up and coming entrepreneurs navigate the world of online marketing so they can get noticed and grow their business. You can reach her at 1-858-859-1411 or visit her website at www.webnavigatorgal.com for all of your marketing needs.




  1. Linda Hevira

    That’s very interesting to be mom entrepreneur, but you have be passion and keep your patience in bussiness while another person go to “sleep”.

  2. Sarah

    Great article – I completely agree. If it wasn’t for the internet this momma of 3 would have no business to speak of. It has completely opened doors for me. Without it I would still be doing the 7-7 shift as an NP. BUT NO MORE!

  3. Maia Toll

    Confession? My kids are 2 rowdy dogs. One is learning to play soccer– I hope that gets me an in here!

    Just wanted to say “thank you” Laura for top-notch reminders of how to use technology as a tool to better our workday. I may even stop growling when my smart phone beeps at me. I also LOVE the idea of a walking meeting.

    • Heather Allard

      LOL, Maia! I’m a dog mom, too. My first doggie passed away last April after 15 love-filled years together…and my new guy looks and acts so much like him that it’s like having him a second time. 🙂

  4. Laura Wallis

    Aw, you women are so awesome with a capital “A.” So love hearing your comments. One of my sister’s has been doing research in China for years on how the phone is changing the lives of women in China at an incredible pace- as we can imagine. There is so much opportunity and so much support!

  5. Laura

    It’s totally true that being an on-the-go person doesn’t mean you can’t be productive. Even Google Analytics has a phone app. Though the data is limited on the app, I sometimes catch a change in typical statistics that makes me rethink a strategy. And I use my Evernote and Workflowy to map out new products or blog articles. And we’re only going deeper into this, culturally. I think apps are getting better and mobile computing is getting smarter. All the more reason to start learning now if you don’t already use your phone or tablet for entrepreneurial ease!

  6. Megan

    Makes me think of how I use my smartphone while on the elliptical. Nothing like burning calories AND the to-do list at the same time! 😉

    • Heather Allard

      Amen, Megan!! 🙂

  7. Alycia Wicker

    This is so true, Laura! Being virtual makes it easier for an mom entrepreneur to work and stay home with their kids. I think this could be the new definition of having it all!

    • Heather Allard

      I think you’re right, Alycia!! 🙂

  8. Marcy

    Love this. Inspiring article. It is amazing how much we can help each other from a distance. Being in home business at first seemed a little isolating, but when I made an intentional effort to reach out and connect with other business women, I couldn’t believe the network of support and encouragement that was there. Now I feel like my day is extremely social as I work from home.

    I LOVE the idea of walking while you talk to a client. Cool idea.


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