23 Ways to Keep the Kids Busy This Summer While You Work

One question we’re asked repeatedly is how can you keep the kids busy this summer while you work?
Summer really started a couple of months ago in my house when the kids started singing that song “In Summer” by Olaf the Snowman over and over and over again. Way to kick off the season!
Now it’s time for swimsuits, sunscreen, sleeping in (if I’m lucky), schedules out the window and mass chaos that takes over the day. This is my life as a mom business owner and it’s likely yours too if you operate from your home like I do.
The mere thought of having kids around 24/7 while you try to complete a “normal work week” strikes fear into the hearts of mom business owners everywhere.
It’s all going to be just fine and you might even get to play a little more this Summer too if you do things right. Below I share 23 incredible ways to enjoy your Summer more and keep the posse busy while you get your work on.

23 Ways to Keep the Kids Busy This Summer

  1. Camps

  3. Vacation bible school or mission trips

  5. Water toys (squirt guns, water balloons, etc.)
  6. Arts and Crafts

  8. Go to the library

  10. Volunteer

  12. Go to the park

  14. Create an “earn money” list of extra chores

  16. Schedule a playdate

  18. Paint

  20. Watch a movie

  22. Make a Christmas wishlist for Santa

  24. Create a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt

  26. Let them create videos on a laptop or smartphone

  28. Karaoke

  30. Build- Lego’s, blocks, Kinect or Lincoln logs

  32. Make a blanket fort or box fort

  34. Write and illustrate a story

  36. Board games

  38. Reading

  40. Approved online games

  42. Play beauty salon

  44. Garden

These are only a few things that can keep the boredom blues away but you’ll want to keep the list going as you think of things because you’ll likely blow through these activities in no time flat. It’s always helpful to plan tomorrow the night before too so you don’t freak out every single morning. Know what meetings and tasks you have going on and what you have planned for the kids.
Sleepovers are awesome during the Summer. I always find that having more kids around actually makes my day easier because they get more creative together and find fun things to do together. It’s like a kid mastermind retreat in the yard.
Keep in mind too that you probably became a business owner so that you could actually spend time with your kids, so do everything in your power now to clear your calendar as much as possible and enjoy these special moments, trips and fun times now. If you don’t have an assistant, now is the perfect time to hire one to trade some of the stupid, mundane tasks on your calendar for sun and fun activities.
If you think about it, we really only get about 12-14 Summers with our kids before they want to hang out with friends. The day will come when we aren’t cool enough to be seen with at the pool and the skirted bathing suit that we wear to cover our asses at the beach is “embarrassing”. 😉 That day comes so fast.
Make the most of the days you have left and make memories with your family that will last forever. In fact… make your own list of things that you want to do with them this Summer.


How will you keep your kiddos occupied this summer? Tell us in the comments which of these 23 ideas you’ll utilize, plus share ideas of your own!


Amy Wright

Amy Wright is a tamer of time, hirer of great people, ruler of schedules and systems and advocate of mom’s (and a few dudes too) all over the world. Her official title is Lifestyle Concierge for Busy Entrepreneurs but she mostly answers to “Mooooooooom!” She lives in North Carolina with her husband, 4 kids and a stepdaughter​.​ Her signature “Sanity Renewal System” helps busy entrepreneurs organize and prioritize their lives and businesses. Amy loves 80’s and 90’s music (especially the hair bands!), hot chocolate, and being outside. Her idea of a perfect day is in absolute freaking silence reading self help books (her addiction). Amy’s dream is to continue to change the lives of thousands of stressed out, burned out entrepreneurs who are ready to enjoy a lifestyle, not just a life.




  1. Nancy Black

    Terrific article. I liked it on my FB page.

    These ideas will help working moms with the “balancing act”.

    Enjoy the summer.

    • Amy

      Thanks so much Nancy. I’m glad you found it helpful!

  2. Robin

    I totally agree that sometimes it’s easier to have more kids over for playtime. Water gun fights, biking riding and all kinds of fun are had when there are more kids to play with!

    I’m gonna have to try out the “earn money” for extra chores list. That would be nice incentive to get a little extra help around the house!

    • Amy

      Yes, Robin. It works well with older kids who want some cash year around!

  3. Ke ROBinson

    Go to the beach / pool / lake.
    Let them help plan a picnic.
    Go to the zoo.
    Bird watch at local park hiking trail.
    Paddle boats.
    volunteer beach or road clean up.

    • Amy

      All excellent ideas Ke! I especially love the volunteer one. So important to teach service to others.


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