4 Ways Mompreneurs Can Reach Their Goals Faster

Nobody sets out in business hoping it will take years to get anywhere. We all want to make progress as quickly as we can. Especially when we’re running a business around a growing family.
Building a business and being a present, content parent can be hard. It takes passion, perseverance, and the willingness to be patient. We do have it that bit harder than those who are commitment-free, but motherhood should never feel like a limitation.
Here are 4 ways to reach your work-from-home business goals faster, around your hectic family life:

1. Get More Specific

The quickest way to achieve your goals is to make them more achievable. This doesn’t mean lowering your ambitions or abandoning a long-term project, this means making sure that you have a super clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve and making sure all the action you’re taking is in alignment with your goals.
Is everything on your to-do list actually leading you towards your goal? Be as specific as possible about why you are working on each business activity and identify whether it is required to help you reach your next goal.

2. Work On Your Mind-set

What’s the biggest obstacle you have when it comes to getting everything done? Could it be the fact you only have a couple of hours of an evening and you’re knackered from mama duties anyway? Maybe. But it’s more likely you need to take a closer look at your approach. How are you currently feeling about your goals? If you’re struggling to find the motivation to get things done in the limited time you do have, it’s time to examine your WHY again.
Why are these tasks important? And why aren’t you excited about them?
Having the right mind-set is crucial to getting things done. If we don’t believe we can achieve our goals, we won’t. Limiting beliefs can debilitate your business. If we don’t believe we deserve to achieve our goals, we won’t.
Reach your goals faster by ensuring your mind-set is as positive and productive as possible.

3. Reach Out

Going the entrepreneurial journey alone is tough. How are you expected to keep motivated and enthused when the only conversations you have- are with yourself? Self-doubts, uncertainty, fears- these can all be reduced with the right support.
Ramp up your business progress with coaching, accountability partners, mastermind programs- whatever feels like a good fit to keep you inspired, encouraged, and ready to take action.
Want to wipe tasks off your to-do list with one fell swoop? Outsource. Giving away control and trusting others to get involved with your ‘other’ baby takes courage and can be a challenge for the creative, perfectionists among us. But, if reaching your goals faster is important to you, then let someone else take time-consuming tasks off your hands so you can focus your attention elsewhere.

4. Get Emotional

Positive emotions are powerful motivators. When we feel good about what we’re doing, we work harder, we work smarter, and we get things done faster. Having your goals on paper isn’t enough. Spend time visualizing these goals to the point that you can feel them happening.
And get really clear on why they are so important to you in the first place. What does it look like when you actually achieve a big business goal? How do you react? How do you feel?
Visualize yourself with a beaming smile, reading a rave review from your new client, seeing that money check-in to your bank account- whatever it is you wish to achieve. Visualize it as if it is happening right now. Start to feel the excitement bubble within you and use this every time you need to take action.
A vision board is a great way to translate your goals into emotive imagery. Place it somewhere you will see it regularly to trigger emotions to motivate you.

In the comments below, tell us what tactics you use to reach your business goals more efficiently.


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