The Smart Girl’s Guide To Privacy

How’s your online privacy?

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” – Alice Walker



Online privacy: A topic we simply cannot afford to ignore. As women, moms, and as online business owners, it’s no longer enough to restrict our safety measures to limiting the information we share online. We need to empower ourselves to discover and use the tools available out there to protect both ourselves and our families from threats we may not even have considered.

“Traditionally women haven’t been taught to stand up for themselves the way men have – whether online or any place else – but this is changing. Today, women are standing up to stalkers and being more careful than ever with personal information. We’re getting fierce, angry, and strategic.”
-Violet Blue


Between social media, mobile apps, online dating, and other venues, we simply cannot deny that the landscape of online privacy is shifting. Today, there are endless numbers of scammers, bullies, and other such lurkers who want to get ahold of your personal information for their own nefarious purposes.


In her brand new book (released today!) The Smart Girl’s Guide To Privacy, author Violet Blue offers practical, actionable tips about how to keep your information safe online.


The book goes beyond being a collection of everyday safeguards, insider tips, and secrets. In an effort to provide a most thorough gathering of information, she interviewed developers, psychologists, attorneys, hackers, victims of all genders, and women who founded organizations to fight online harassment. And while I hope to never have to deal with this, I like that the book digs deep and goes beyond everyday perils women face online to address the extremes often ignored by traditional online privacy groups.



Inside, she offers user-friendly advice to teach you how to:

  • Delete personal content from websites
  • Use website and browser privacy controls effectively
  • Recover from and prevent identity theft
  • Figure out where the law protects you–and where it doesn’t
  • Set up safe online profiles
  • Remove yourself from people-finder website


The Smart Girl’s Guide To Privacy
 can help you cut through the confusion and start protecting your online life.


After reading it, I was surprised by how many seemingly innocent flubs I was making every day in my online life.  Whether you think you need it or not, I highly recommend grabbing a copy TODAY.



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The Smart Girl’s Guide To Privacy is authored by Violet Blue, an investigative tech reporter at ZDNet, Zero Day, CNET, and CBS News, as well as an award-winning sex writer and columnist. A well-known public pundit on privacy activism and bleeding-edge tech culture, she is a member of the Internet Press Guild, the Center for Investigative Reporting, and an advisor at Without My Consent. She was the first female podcaster and currently maintains a thirteen-year-old sexuality blog at


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