Increase Your Visitor Engagement With Mobile Marketing (Infographic)

Increasing visitor engagement is always a worthy goal in order to grow your prospect list, and increase your bottom line. However, statistics show that more Internet users are coming from mobile devices than desktop. This means that if you’re not marketing to mobile prospects, you’re probably losing future business.
Not all industries have mobile visitors at the same rate; however it is clear that mobile usage will continue to increase. Therefore, optimizing your site and marketing strategy for mobile first will improve engagement and draw more traffic to your website.

Start with Your Website

Your first priority should be to move your website to a mobile-responsive format. Responsive sites receive signals from computers, tablets and phones letting them know what size screen the device has. Then the site responds by reconfiguring itself based on a predetermined priority order for that screen size. A responsive website opens in the correct size for mobile devices, giving visitors the optimal user experience on your site. It makes navigating your site easier and more intuitive. Mobile-friendly sites appear first in Google mobile search for mobile users. If your site is not mobile-friendly but your competitor’s is, then they will appear first.

Site Speed

Site speed is extremely important for mobile users who don’t always have ideal Internet connections. They move from WiFi to cell service and back again. If your site is slow to begin with, visitors will not be happy. Site speed is also part of Google’s algorithm.


Mobile users love videos. They are easy to watch on smartphones and become viral with the simple click of a button. Mobile media time is higher on mobile (51 percent) than on desktops (41 percent) in the U.S. Creating videos about your products and services and sharing them on social media and your site is a good engagement tactic, the cuter or funnier, the better.

Social Media Marketing

Most social media sites have apps that make sharing your marketing easy. You just need to make sure your marketing is mobile friendly. If you optimize your site and social media marketing for mobile, then you can engage with customers and prospects on social media via mobile and desktop. Sometimes the same customer will use both for a social media site. The one social media site that is mobile only is Instagram. If your business can find a way to gain a following on Instagram, you can increase your mobile engagement. Instagram does not have the demographic for every business, so it may not be the right fit for you. Consult your persona(s) to determine which marketing channels are the best to use on mobile. Remember that your mobile customer persona may be different than your desktop persona.

Creating an App

Creating a mobile app is another method of interacting with customers. An app is a big investment and not always the best choice for all companies. You need to check your marketing budget and decide whether your ROI from an app is positive.

Text Marketing

Texting is another marketing channel that has a high response rate. You can use SMS and MMS messaging by itself or in combination with other channels including email, social media or TV. Text messages have a 98 percent open rate, compared to email’s 22 percent open rate. The high open rate makes it ideal to send as a reminder to visit other channels or for special mobile-only offers. With text marketing, you can create smaller subgroups of your subscriber list to ensure that they only get relevant messages.
Check out this infographic for more:

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Infographic credit:

Mobile devices are the future of marketing in the way that computers were 40 years ago. Smartphones and tablets are becoming more powerful and able to do many of the things that just a decade ago were impossible for a handheld device. Desktop marketing will remain an important marketing channel for a lot of reasons, but marketers need to keep their eye out for mobile innovations that can help them reach customers on the computers they keep in their pockets.

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