How We Got The Inventor Of The Facebook Like Button To Like Us

In 2009 a Facebook designer by the name of Jared Morgenstern had an idea: the Facebook ‘like’ button. This seemingly simple concept has since exploded and become an integral part of the social media experience.

The Facebook ‘like’ button is used 5 billion times every single day.

As the founders behind the YouTube channel, Generation Y Not, we find funny and interesting ways to get people out of their comfort zones. And that includes ourselves.
When we heard about Jared, we came up with a unique idea: to get the guy who invented the ‘like’ button to ‘like’ us.
And it worked.

By continually heeding our own advice and venturing into unchartered waters, we have continued to surprise and astound ourselves. Here are our tried and true tips to stepping outside your own comfort zone to achieve new and better results in all aspects of your life and business. It’s how we land our big name guests – and how you can, too.

How to meet anyone

There’s been a study done showing that every person you want to get in touch with is a maximum of six people away. That means if you contact enough people and ask for help, there’s a greater chance they’ll at least hear about you. So, when we aim to meet someone, we find every email we possibly can, and are never afraid to ask for help.

How to make people remember you

Do something with them that they’ve never done before, and/or something that scares them. It’s said that one of the best places to take someone out on a date is to an amusement park. The adrenaline from riding a roller coaster, for example, will make them remember you and the excitement they felt. That’s why we require everyone who stars in one of our episodes, no matter who they are, to take part in something that makes them uncomfortable. Because we know they’ll be all  the better for it.

Never take no for an answer

When you start a new, creative project, you’re probably going to need to ask for a lot of help. Whether it is from friends and family members when you ask them if they think you should take a shot at this project, or from investors and customers when you approach them with a prototype, understand up front that you’re going to get a whole lot of “no’s” for an answer. This is to be expected and is all part of the process.
Being rejected is very difficult at first but it’s ok. The most difficult decision actually comes afterwards: should I give this person (investor, big customer etc.) another shot or should I move on to the next? We never try only once. Persistence pays.
Never accepting a first rejection has proven to be highly beneficial for us and allowed us to make a video with the Montreal Mayor, Trevor Noah, and Jared Morgenstern. When you’re met with a “no”, simply adjust your approach and try again.

Be in love with the process, not the result

Many of our friends look at our channel today and say they’re jealous of our lifestyle. While it may look easy, we work between 12-16 hours a day to make it all happen. We’re also balancing part-time jobs and three of us share a two bedroom apartment to cut rent. It’s not glamorous, but the reality is, that to produce and succeed in your creative pursuits, you may have to start out living like a “starving artist”.
The people that eventually become rockstars are the ones that love practicing hours and hours every single day. Not the ones that constantly dream about the lifestyle they could have if they were famous. So acknowledge that things may initially be difficult (for months, and sometimes years), but know that if you persist,the climb will be worth the view.

Your team is everything

Make sure you choose a team with complementary skills that all believe in the same vision. We had all met just a few weeks before we launched our channel, but we all believed in the same core idea: That the excitement behind trying new things and working hard to accomplish things you’ve always wanted to do makes life exciting and fulfilling.
We decided to make videos surrounding this concept to spread our message and to reflect on our own experiences, so we learn as go. After creating 30 videos in 30 days doing 30 things we’ve never done before, we had become the best of friends.
Over time we’ve proven our concept that getting out of your comfort zone can produce amazing results. It worked for us, and it can work for you. Click here to check out the video we produced with Jared.

Trying something new is never easy, but the results are so worth it. How will you step outside your comfort zone today?


Generation Y Not

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We're four millennials from four different continents who constantly seek discomfort. That means saying yes to things we've never done before, things that scare and challenge us. Why? Because the times we grow and learn the most are the times we're farthest from our comfort zones. Currently based in Montreal.

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