10 Business Lessons You Can Learn From Your Kids

There are a number of adjectives we like to associate our children with – fun, inspiring, sweet, kind… But I never really associated them with any business terms or lingo. That was, until recently.
It hit me that, these tiny human beings that I gave birth to have become more than a source of happiness for me. In their own, organic way, they have taught me priceless lessons about not just life, but about business. Here are some of the things I’ve learned from them:

1. Forget about the bad

Can you count how many times your child went from wailing to giggling five minutes later? It’s extraordinary to see how quickly kids forget the bad and find their happiness again. We can try to do the same thing whenever we experience a perceived setback or failure in our business venture.

2. Problem solving

Whenever we encounter a problem, we try to solve it by looking at past cases or by applying the obvious solution. Children see things from their own unique angle.  This tendency can prove useful to our business whenever a problem arises that proves too intricate to solve in a traditional manner.

3. Be Courageous

Maybe it’s their innocence or lack of knowledge of the past, but kids are inherently courageous– always ready to take new risks by exploring the unfamiliar. The same can be done with our businesses.  As safe as we may feel, taking risks can reap great results.

4. Ask for help

One fascinating trait children inhabit is their lack of pride and their ease in asking for help when they need it. In business, we often lose this trait, as we try to present ourselves as impenetrable and successful. Learning to be comfortable with asking for help from the right people can take our business to the next level.

5. Tap into your creative side

With schedules, meetings, tasks, and countless phone calls, our life can become a humdrum of ‘musts’. Take time to be spontaneously creative. Some of the most successful business ventures in the world came out of a creative exercise.

6. Try something new

As kids, every day brought the gift of something new. But by the time we reached adulthood, everything around us seemed to become one big, repetitive loop. Making time to do and see new things is essential to remaining open and intuitive to the world around you.

7. Be in awe of the little things

Success in business is a wonderful experience, especially when the struggles and obstacles to success were substantial. No matter how successful your business becomes, take a cue from children and be in awe of the little things around you. Mindfulness is key to a focused mind for a growing business.

8. Feel your emotions

On most days, kids experience a full range of emotions – from happiness to anger, sadness, and so on. Take a cue from these little creatures. Acknowledging your emotions is an important way to help you to understand what’s bothering you and what’s stressing you out in your business. Allowing yourself to acknowledge and feel these emotions is imperative to dealing with problems, rather than allowing them to escalate.

9. Be a giver

Kids are natural givers. They don’t give a second thought to share their lunch at school if they see that their schoolmate has forgotten theirs at home. The same practice can be applied to your business – giving advice to interns, becoming a mentor, and blogging about your line of work are all great ways to help others out while still shedding light on your own business.

10. Stay curious

Last, but most importantly, never stop being curious. No matter how successful your business is, regardless of how much you have travelled or how many people you’ve met, there’s always something you can learn about the world. When you remain insatiably curious, you’ll find that you’re able to perceive your business in a whole new light.

What lessons have you borrowed from your own kids and applied to your business? In the comments, let us know.



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