4 Simple Steps to Keep Stress in Check

*Today I’m blogging on behalf of Kiddie Academy who sponsored this post.

Life is busy for working moms. But, I don’t have to tell you that. From raising a family, finding time for friends and your significant other, working a job, exercising, and managing a household, life is a full-time job.
As moms we tend to view our role as the ultimate facilitator, coordinating everything from work, to homework, to school issues, to appointments. That’s a lot of pressure. We find ourselves powering through day after day, never pausing to take a moment to reflect on ourselves or even to take a breath.
Eventually this takes a toll on our systems. Oftentimes, the toll is silent, festering beneath the surface in the form of health issues, both mental and physical. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Someone who knows this cycle all too well is Nimita Sheth, owner of the Kiddie Academy of Locust Point, an education-based child care facility, and the first Kiddie Academy in Baltimore City, Maryland, and mom of two lively boys. Through the craziness of balancing her own business, children’s activities, and school, in addition to putting dinner on the table, Nimita follows four simple steps to keep her stress in check throughout the day, while maintaining her sanity and a smile on her face.
Follow these four steps to bust through stress and find tranquility when completing your seemingly never ending to-do list:

Step One: Evaluate

What is causing you and your family stress? Where do you feel like things fall apart? Do you feel like you are spending all evening in the kitchen – tidying up, preparing dinner, cleaning up again? Or all morning battling with your daughter to get dressed in time for school? How are you unwittingly adding more to your workload? Determining where the struggle is will help you focus on developing stress solutions that work for you.

Step 2: Inspiration 

Who among us doesn’t dream about sitting alone with a cup of tea and some silence? Parenting blogs and websites, phone apps and Pinterest all offer tips, advice, suggestions and sounding boards for ideas on managing personal stress and balancing a career with parenting responsibilities. You might also find inspiration from a personal recharge through exercise, spending time on a creative outlet, or taking a small break for yourself to get away and have a moment alone to regroup. At the end of the day, find a motivation worth working for.

Step 3: Make it Like Clockwork

To adults, the idea of a routine may seem confining, but for children, especially younger ones, routines establish security and help them understand what to expect. Routines are especially beneficial for those hectic times of the day – the morning, mealtimes, nap times, and the evening. They help maintain stability and include preparations for the transitions the day ahead will bring. There’s no arguing that a consistent, artfully constructed routine helps keep everyone on track and on schedule.
Sometimes, life happens. It’s not realistic to expect that things will always go as planned. Things have a way of popping up, often unexpectedly, throwing our beautifully constructed routine into chaos. And that’s ok. Relax. You can’t control everything. Give yourself the gift of flexibility. Create a routine that bends without breaking and vow to get back on track just as soon as you can. Stick to the routine whenever possible, but when you’re thrown for a loop, do your best to enjoy the ride.

Step 4: Enlist Support

A stress-free life does not have to rest on one parent’s shoulders. Find ways for family members, your spouse and children to help with tasks and find ways to be efficient so less stress falls on the family. This could include keeping a family calendar that you share with your spouse or in-laws so everyone is aware of their responsibilities. Allowing some trusted people to assist you will give you breathing room so you can function at a higher capacity all around. Consider this as your permission slip to outsource some of the extras to these qualified candidates. Asking for help doesn’t mean you failed, it means you’re wise enough not to spread yourself too thin.

Do you implement these steps into your daily routine? In the comments, tell us how it helped change your stress levels. Have stress hacks of your own? Share those, too.

I am blogging on behalf of Kiddie Academy and received compensation for my time from Kiddie Academy. Nimita Sheth is a real life, full time working mother of two and we worked together to come up with our best tips for overcoming some of the biggest stressors working moms face. Visit http://franchising.kiddieacademy.com to take a look at the franchise page.
The franchise page serves as a space where someone seeking ideal work-life balance, financial independence and a positive impact on their community, can learn about the straightforward steps to making those dreams a reality. Simply visit the site and follow the “Start your franchise…begin today!” button to begin your journey to success. For additional tips and advice, and information about Kiddie Academy’s franchise opportunities, follow @KiddieAcademy and visit http://franchising.kiddieacademy.com/blog.



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  1. Annie

    This is a great action plan 🙂
    In evaluating my own stress, I think the biggest factor is that I always feel like I’m crammed for time.
    I recently read that “having fun” – doing leisure activities – can help reduce stress too.
    I’ve been trying to plan more activities that I enjoy too, not just the kids 😉

    • Melissa Bolton

      Thanks, Annie! You’re so right. We should strive to have more fun!

  2. Sarah

    Great tips! I especially agree that everyone should do more of the last point. Oftentimes, we get swamped with too much work and we feel we can juggle everything on our own all the time then we feel fagged out at the end of each and everyday.

    Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Outsource auxiliary tasks and focus on what you should be prioritising on. This will surely boost your productivity when you learn to focus on one thing at a time.


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