5 Tips To Using Facebook Groups to Market Your Business and Brand

I hear the same complaint over and over from my coaching clients, their constant frustration with Facebook and the lack of organic reach for fan pages. Yes, its annoying but the good news is that you can still take advantage of this social media platform and market your creative genius to its 1.55 billion monthly active users by utilizing Facebook groups and building relationships with potential clients who need your unique gifts and talents.

Here are 5 tips to using Facebook Groups to market your business and brand in a non-sleazy, authentic way.


1. Know Your Ideal Client

This may seem obvious but I run across business owners daily who can not clearly define their target market. I was recently at a network meeting where a rep for a skin care company stood up to introduced herself and her business as someone who is looking for “anyone with skin”. Not only does this not make her stand out from every other beauty consultant on planet Earth but it did very little to inspire me to provide her with a referral.
A much better explanation would have been “I help busy moms simplify their morning beauty routine so they can get out the door faster while looking like a million bucks”. Now this clearly describes the type of person she is passionate about serving and the urgent problems that she helps to solve.
We are not meant to help or work with everyone. As a business owner and marketer you are better defined as a problem solver. Your knowledge and expertise is invaluable to solving urgent problems therefore its crucial to have a clear understanding of who you can help and how you can help them.

2. Choose Highly Targeted Groups

Now that you know exactly the type of person you can help, find Facebook groups where these types of people are hanging out. Many times I see business owners networking in groups where their peers are networking in and not their ideal clients. While it’s awesome to collaborate with your peers, your business is built upon finding new clients who do not have the knowledge or skills you have and therefore are probably not going to be in the same groups as your peers.
For example, if you’re a health coach, targeting groups saturated with other health coaches is not ideal. Instead, find groups that have women and moms who are working to lose weight, go vegan, learning how to meal prep, yoga enthusiasts, training for a marathon, etc. depending on your specialty and the problems you help solve.

3. Introduce Yourself

I see so many people join groups and then go into the witness protection program. You can’t stand out or be noticed by your ideal client if you join a group and then silently lurk around. Make sure you introduce yourself upon acceptance to the group (ensuring that you respectfully adhere to the group rules). In your introduction include something personal about yourself, mention what you do and what drives your passion for serving others.
Include a picture with your introduction to make your post even more memorable. I use a picture of me and my son blowing bubbles, we are both wearing red which is one of my brand colors. I share that I am a “mom of two boys + love peppermint tea + fuzzy socks + love connecting with other creative badass soul driven women”. Make your introduction stand out but don’t include links of any kind. This is not a post to sell yourself or drive traffic anywhere. The goal is to share from a sincere place while standing out from the masses.

4. Engage

The key to success in Facebook groups is consistent engagement that sets you apart as an expert and a leader. Be involved. Add valuable content. Be helpful. Don’t spam. Be authentic. Share your story. Don’t sell. Give selflessly without expecting anything in return. Your engagement will organically drive targeted clients who will want to connect and get to know you more.

5. Make Connections

Once you have been in the group for a couple of weeks and followed these tips consistently, you can start to connect with other members of the group. You can scan the group to see who is actively participating and also offering value. Go to their profile page. Do they look like someone who fits your ideal client profile? Someone that you would like to have in your tribe? Connect with them, send them a friend request and build a meaningful relationship. Be proactive in building a community of like minded people.
Facebook groups are a powerful way to market the brand of you when done consistently and strategically. If you follow these Facebook marketing tips you will not only gain more clients, you will make some incredible connections and friendships along the way.
Here’s a list of some of the BEST Facebook groups out there for mompreneurs.
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April Williams

Freelance Writer and Branding Strategist at Creative Brandista™
April Williams is a Creative Momista of 2 boys + freelance writer + creative expressive + Texas country girl who loves green mint tea + horses + fuzzy socks + peppermint anything + the color red + cozy coffee shops. She is a branding strategist and founder of Creative Brandista™




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