It Was Exactly How I Pictured it…

All of us have experienced this feeling at one time or another.  Perhaps when we have walked through our dream house for the first time, or meticulously planned a beautiful event and witnessed the finished product, or envisioned meeting the person of our dreams.  It is a phrase that we actually have said many times in our life and have probably never thought much about it after saying it.  Actually, when this phrase is said, it’s usually whispered as if sharing it with our soul.
We whisper, “It was exactly how I pictured it.”
There are no accidents.  When we are able to clearly see and “picture” an idea or a goal in our minds eye it creates an imprint of an image that gets stored in our subconscious.  That image manifests into an achievement of that goal or that idea to come to fruition only when we are able to take it to the next critical step.  Without this next step the idea or goal remain simply just that – a desire of something that we can envision.  What takes it from an envisioned desire to the actual manifestation of it?  That is the million-dollar question.
You have to feel it.  This seems so cliché, but it’s vital.  When you simply picture something and cannot imagine what it would feel like to have it or achieve it, it remains just that-a beautiful picture.  You must be able to feel what it is like to live in that dream house.  You must feel what it’s like to sleep in one of the bedrooms, or soak in the beautiful tub that has a view of the mountains, or feel the sun on your face while reading a book on the living room chaise.  You must be able to feel what it’s like to sit in one of the chivari chairs in the beautiful room that you decorated, and feel the warmth of the space, and smell the beautiful flowers in the centerpieces.  You must be able to feel what it’s like to hold the hand of your beloved, and feel what it’s like to look into their eyes and share a moment, and feel the excitement of seeing the person of your dreams in front of you.
The way to practice the cultivation of manifesting your deepest desires so that you hear yourself saying that beautiful phrase more often, is through meditation.  It is through going within and connecting with the light inside you that kindles the flame of your deepest desires.  That inner lamp is lit through the cadence of the breath and the connection to your soul. 
When you take the time to sit in silence for even two minutes every day you begin to cultivate this practice of manifestation.  Without connecting with your inner light, you will simply be moving through your life aimlessly, and being a mere bystander to your dreams.  Anything that happens in your life will simply be a series of events that you can recount, but they may not be those that you desired.
Mediation can be daunting at best as there are many interpretations of what meditating truly is.  Because of these various interpretations, many people feel that they may not be doing it correctly or doing it at all.  There is no right or wrong with meditation.  The practice of meditation is just simply a technique for entering a state of being by observing your breath in the present moment.  Whether you meditate two minutes or one hour is really not important.  The consistency is what is important, the duration is not.  Your body and mind are united and become one during meditation.  Whenever you have the opportunity, take a few minutes to sit in silence and simply observe your breath.
Find a place to practice meditation where you feel comfortable.  Ideally, it’s somewhere in your home or office where you can create a sacred space for yourself.  “Sacred space” simply means a space that you have set aside as a special spot for this nourishment of your being.  Sit easily and comfortably, with your spine straight, either on the floor with your legs crossed or in a chair with your feet flat on the floor.  Then, simply observe your breath.  Observe the inhalation and exhalation of your breath without trying to control it.  This is the place where you can truly let go and just be.
You have nowhere to be but in this space at this moment, and nothing is more important than this moment.  Set your timer on your phone or clock for two minutes and begin your journey within.  You will know when you feel comfortable increasing the time you would like to sit in silence
As you begin to meditate and do so consistently, you will observe that there is a space between thought A and thought B. It is in that space where the inner silence and stillness you feel exists.  That is where your true essence resides and where the manifestation of your deepest desires takes place.  I invite you to go within and illuminate your pathway of the realization of your dreams.  Enjoy.
Seeing is believing, but feeling is pivotal in manifesting your deepest desires.


Alka Dhillon

Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Technalink, Inc.
Alka Dhillon is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Technalink, Inc. . Technalink has provided information technology (IT) services and management consulting solutions to both government and commercial clients for 16 years. She is also the author of THE OM FACTOR®: A Woman’s Spiritual Guide to Leadership – 7 Essential Tools and 7 Key Traits to Cultivate for Your Success and Well-Being. She contributes to The Huffington Post,, Blogs, and offers OM Factor related merchandise and advice at

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