Relaxation Tips For Mompreneurs: 10 Ways to Calm the Chaos and Create Joy

Here come some fantastic relaxation tips for mompreneurs…
Confession time.
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  • Do you drag yourself out bed more often than not?
  • Do you lack patience for the people you care for most?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you have too much to do?
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    Well, I want you to know you are not alone and if you ask me that’s the problem. Too many people live this way, and it has become the norm in our society. And yet, it’s not something we speak about openly. We laugh about it. We tease about it. But we don’t tell the cold hard truth about it.
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    • We’re exhausted because we don’t rest enough.
    • We’re stressed out because of all the chaos and demands of our time.
    • We feel guilty because no matter how long we work or how hard we try we can’t ever do it all, not that anyone could.
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      Living this way and accepting these as norms is threatening your ability to thrive. It’s essential to find ways to relax and calm the chaos so you can bring the joy you are here to bring into this world.
      Here are the Top 10 Ways to Calm the Chaos and Bring the Joy

      1. Sort it out.

      Many of us have a tendency to hold our fear and hurt. These are things we have to learn to move through. When you hold onto feelings that aren’t good-feeling, they bring you down. If you are upset about something, clear the air so you can move on. Lingering issues take their toll, at the expense of your wellbeing.

      2. Ask for help.

      List all the things you hold the responsibility for doing. Ask yourself which don’t you have to handle personally. Next, ask someone, who can do it at least 80% as well as you, to help out. You will be surprised how willing those around you are to help if you’d just ask.

      3. Play more.

      Find things you enjoy doing and create time to do them. Life doesn’t have to be all about the ‘work.’ When it comes to our professional lives, we plan out how we do everything we need to do, but when it comes to “life,” we go with the flow. When we do this, we cannot be surprised when we don’t have fun. Plan for the good stuff. Make it a priority to reach out to friends. Go out, have big belly laughs and do something new together. You never know where you will find your next good time.

      4. Write it down.

      Journaling your thoughts is a good way to sort things out and how you feel about them. Sit and write 10-20 minutes each day. Journaling helps us release the things we’ve held on to and gives us an opportunity to reflect. Remember we don’t learn anything from our experiences. We learn by reflecting on them.

      5. Breathe.

      Not only is meditation good for you mentally, but it is also perfect for your wellness. When we are stressed, we constrict our breath. Meditation helps us to be more mindful of the power of our breath, and it doesn’t take forever. In just 3 minutes you can clear your mind and lower your blood pressure. Meditation allows you to focus on what matters. It’s pretty amazing. Give it a try.

      6. Jam on it.

      Music has incredible power to move our energy. When we are stuck or feeling heavy. Music helps us work through our feelings. Create playlists filled with music that moves you. Label them by the emotion you want to evoke and make it more effortless to jam on it when it’s time.

      7. Eat right.

      Proper nutrition has become more important than ever. Food fuels our bodies, and if we don’t eat well, we don’t feel well. As the old saying goes, “Garbage in, garbage out.”

      8. Snooze.

      Sleep 7-9 hours a day. When you rest your body restores itself from the daily abuse it endures. While we sleep our muscles relax, blood supply to muscles increases, there’s tissue growth, repair occurs, energy is restored, and hormones, such as Growth hormone, essential for growth and development, are released. When you achieve a REM (rapid eye movement) sleep state, sleep energizes our brain and body. If you don’t allow for this time special time, you will deplete, and that serves no one.

      9. Move.

      Make things easy to commit to by keeping it simple. Create time for at least 20 minutes of physical activity each day. They say it boosts your mood for 12 hours. It doesn’t have to be hard or rigorous. It just has to get you feeling warmed up and loose. Walking is my movement of choice, and I do it every day for 45 minutes. It has done wonders for my energy and productivity.

      10. Run away.

      The amazing healing benefits of travel are beyond description. When you travel for pleasure you are in a better mood and move more. Travel helps expand your point of view. I have even heard of spontaneous healings for things like seizure disorder, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It also saves you money as those who do not vacation spend up to 6 times more on healthcare.

      We are here to have amazing experiences and create a life we love. Commit to living a life where you deal with stress, not avoid it and pile it up like bars of solid gold. Life stops for no one.


      Stress will happen, and when it does, your ability to come from a loving place, and show up at your highest and fullest self, will give you the power to squash drama. Otherwise, as times goes on the stress will weigh you down. And when it does, it shows up as insomnia, migraines, or high blood pressure, just to name a few of the chronic illnesses caused by stress.
      Managing the stress in your life can be challenging, but it is not impossible. Throughout your day ask yourself, “How am I feeling?” Then for a moment pay attention as your body speaks back to you. If you’re feeling good, great, keep it up. If not, change it up. Get over the thought, this is the way things are supposed to be, because they are not.

      It’s time to stop accepting surviving as the default for living a life well lived.



      Carmen Perez

      Lifestyle Entrepreneur Mentor at Effortless Living Inc.
      Carmen M, Perez, also known as the Wellbeing Messenger is the creator of Effortless Living Online and Lifestyle Entrepreneur Mentor. She's also a highly sought after motivational keynote speaker on entrepreneurship, social media and digital marketing.



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