Shift Your Perspective and Thrive as a Mompreneur

Life doesn’t come with a how-to manual, and consequently neither do your two most important roles: mother and entrepreneur. At times, you may feel like your house, kids, office, projects, and everything else are running you rather than you managing them. But just as you find ways to organize and delegate at home, you need to do the same for your business, or you will burn out. Perhaps you worry that no one cares as much as you do about your business as you do, so how can you trust someone else to take some of the load? Or how can you let “X “or “Y” slide when everything has to get done TODAY? You can. A simple change in perspective is going to guide you.

Here are five ways to make this shift and lead you on the path to success:


1. Set the priorities of your business

Sit down and make a list of everything that needs to get done and then decide which of these things is a must for the business today. Do you need to focus on marketing or servicing your current clients? Should you be out networking or sitting at your desk? Who should you be talking to today? This is the same tactic you use to organize your kids’ homework, meal time, or anything else going on at home.

2. Align your business goals with these priorities

If you have employees, you need to make sure everyone is aware of what the goals are for the business. You also need to make sure that everyone knows what needs to be done first, second, etc.

3. Ensure that you have enough money to run the business

It takes a lot to run a business, financially. Staying on top of income and expenses is an absolute must. Do you have enough cash in the bank for your estimated taxes due in April, June, September, and December? Is payroll covered? Can you afford to draw what you need to take that family vacation or complete the renovation project at home? There are a lot of questions to consider. Ask all of them.

4. Inspire your people to stick to the vision of the company

Just as you would discuss the goals you have for your children with a spouse or partner, you need to be able to get your team excited about the entrepreneurial pursuit they are a part of. Get people together off-site and brainstorm. Show your staff that their ideas matter, too.

5. Clearly communicate with the various constituents of the company

You are speaking in a common language, and yet nobody around you is listening. At home, this may happen a lot, especially with teenagers. At your office, you need to make sure that people can truly hear what you are saying by making sure that they understand. Check in with the team regularly on the whys of what they are working on and how these efforts contribute to the company as a whole.
Not only do you feel like you are winging it sometimes, you may even feel that the management of your business isn’t what you really want to focus on. But you have to, because you are the CEO and leader of the business. Whether you are one or ten people strong the energy, drive, passion, and creative spirit for what you are doing originates with you. Sure, there are things you would rather pass on doing as a boss (Is staying up late making a volcano for your nine year old’s third-grade science project your favorite?), but you do them anyway. You wouldn’t leave your family in the lurch, so don’t leave yourself or your business without its leader.
You are on a journey, and you will succeed. A little change in perspective and you will be off to the races!


Michael Dermer

Michael Dermer is an entrepreneur, speaker, lawyer and founder/author of The Lonely Entrepreneur. After successfully selling his company in 2013, Michael is now a professional speaker, consultant, and coach for startup businesses and entrepreneurs. He graduated from the Northwestern University School of Law and lives in New York City.

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