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We had the good fortune of interviewing Marie Forleo about moms who are thinking about enrolling in B-School while trying to run a business, raise a family and rock both. I’m thrilled to share her advice (that last one gave me chills!) with you below.

TMM: Marie, trying to build a business while raising a family is a completely different ballgame than trying to build a business as a solo entrepreneur.
There are over 20,000 mom entrepreneurs in The Mogul Mom community and my mission is to help them run a business, raise a family and rock BOTH. I believe with all my heart that B-School can help them accomplish that. As a proud B-School graduate, I’ve seen firsthand the BIG impact your training can have on bottom lines.
After going through the program twice now and implementing the things I’ve learned, I see how clearly B-School helped me narrow my niche, build my email list, and get super clarity surrounding my profit plan. In fact, I’ve experienced 30% increases in my income EACH year for the past two years and my sights are set on six figures. I’m incredibly blessed to run my business the way *I* want to, earn an amazing income from HOME and never miss any of my children’s big events.
I’m extremely grateful to you for helping me achieve such success and I’d love to help more mom entrepreneurs do the same.
On to the questions…
TMM: I often hear from readers, ”I’m not there yet ….I’m not ready to invest, to hire, to really learn how to do this business thing.” What would you say to those mom entrepreneurs who simply think “I’ll do it next year….I’m not ready yet”?
Marie: There’s a secret that every successful mom mogul knows that wannabes don’t. That secret is this: you’ll never “feel ready” to do the work you were born to do.
The world’s happiest and most successful moms never “feel ready” to make a bold move — they just GO. They understand that waiting to “feel ready” before taking action is like waiting for Queen Elizabeth to willfully step down from the throne. Ain’t gonna happen.
Waiting until you “feel ready” is a cop out. It’s a time-sucking, dream-killing excuse rooted in fear, designed to keep us stuck in the mediocrity of the masses.
Talk to anyone at the top of their game and you’ll hear something like this. “When I got started, I was a mess. I had no idea what I was doing, I just kept putting stuff out there. After a while, everything came together.”
TMM: We moms have noooo problem buying our kiddos everything under the sun, but when it comes to spending money on our businesses, we suddenly get ‘shallow pockets’.
Why is is so important for moms to invest in their business? How can moms “justify” spending money on their business and on programs like B-School?
Marie: One of the most powerful things I’ve ever heard is if you think education is expensive, try ignorance. Because in business and life, YOU are your most valuable asset. The only way you can grow your income and impact is if you grow as a person. Whether it’s through B-School or some other educational opportunity, don’t ever underestimate the ROI of you.
TMM: As I mentioned, we mogul moms are burping babies and taming hormonal teens while trying to run and grow our businesses – how much time will moms need to spend on B-School? And, we all know poop happens – is B-School a “be there or be square” type of program, or can we go at our own pace?
Marie: In B-School, you can go at your own pace, plus you have lifetime access to the program. Here’s what B-Schooler mom named Laura said who is raising 3 small kids while she’s running her wildly profitable online business:
“As a busy mother of three, I loved the flexibility of B-School. I was able to watch, listen or read the transcripts of each module from my iPad or in the car while waiting for the kids at car line or between naps.”
In terms of time, we recommend carving out between 2-5 hours a week to go through the program.
TMM: Building a business can be lonely! Community and finding others who are going through the same things as you is so important. B-School seems to come with an amazing community. Can you share a little bit about that aspect of the program?
Marie: Our global community of thousands (and growing!) is one of the most powerful aspects of B-School. No matter who you are, what questions you have, or what you want to achieve, there are like-minded women there to support you at every turn. You can find community in our member directory (search by business or location), you can pop-in to our incredible private member only FB group. I’m proud to say that we have one of the smartest, most generous and loving communities anywhere.
TMM: Would you say B-School is better for a just-starting-out mompreneur, a more seasoned mogul mom or both? Why?
Marie: We’ve seen great results with both. We have aspiring entrepreneurs launch into six-figure businesses their first year, and have seen women who run multimillion dollar businesses add multiple six figures to their bottom line. The reason why it works for both is because the core of what we teach is how to make YOU, your message and your business more powerful. So if you’re just starting out, you hop on the fast track to success and if you’re already successful it’s about creating exponential growth.
TMM: Is there anything else that you’d like to share about B-School that’s specific to mom entrepreneurs?
Marie: As a mom, you’re playing such a vital role in our collective future. Whether it’s through B-School or any other program, do everything you can to invest in yourself and make your dream business and life a reality!

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