The Best of Back To School 2017

Not sure how, but back to school time is here again already. Just in time, I’ve gathered a list of not-so-common back to school finds for moms and mompreneurs looking to simplify and prepare for the year ahead. In the comments, let me know which ones you’re trying.

A Little Magnetic Mojo

As writer, I love words. Even the simplest of sentiments has the power to turn a day around. These locker magnets motivate and inspire throughout the day. Pick them up for less than $5, here and here. Lots of quotes to pick from.

Scholarly Specs

Aren’t Warby Parker specs awesome? Not only do they have the BEST styles, they make it easy to make sure you get a pair you’ll love with their unique sizing guides and a try-at-home program. Pick up to 5 pairs and they’ll ship them to you for free to try on for 5 days. Keep the one(s) you love or send them all back, no obligation. Plus, they’re a heart-centric company; For every pair you buy, they donate a pair to someone in need.

Mompreneur Madness: Solved

Back to school is a fresh start – that includes for us moms, too. Running a household and managing schedules is a helluva lot to contend with, especially if you’re running a business of your own at the same time. Keeping it all together while staying sane is a tricky balance. Intentional Moms gets it- they get US. They designed a host of planners to help us keep our lives organized and make sure no one misses a beat. And, they kept them super affordable. Check them all out right here.

MuiColor Stainless Steel Thermos

The MuiColor Stainless Steel Thermos keeps foods at a safe (and enjoyable) temperature til their lunch period rolls around. They have a wide mouth for filling and eating, they’re vacuum-insulated to keep contents warm for up to 6 hours or cold for up to 12 hours. The double wall construction maintains temperature and inhibits bacteria growth. It’s made of durable food-grade 304 stainless steel and is eco-friendly. No gross BPA, great size, and they’re pretty. I got one for the girl in turquoise, and one for the boy in black. They’ll be the perfect tag along whether we pack them with a cold salad or hot soup. Over the years I’ve tried a bunch of different thermoses but these? I like them best of all.

My Boy’s favorite Jeans (on sale!)

Best deal on jeans are these Levi 505’s for boys (toddler to big boys) at $14.99 a pair. My boy know what he likes for jeans but at $40 a pair in the store, I wasn’t sold. So we went to the store and tried them on for the perfect fit then I jumped online and bought them, saving $25+. Don’t mind if I do.

The Best Backpack Ever

Ever since I discovered the High Sierra brand backpack a few years ago, I haven’t gone back. After buying 2, sometimes 3, backpacks per kid throughout the course of a busy school year, I finally found one that lasts and is functional. It’s durable- like super durable. Both kids are on their second year with theirs and they’re still in great shape. They’ve got lots of colors to choose from. They have a padded laptop pouch and plenty of room for everything. Straps are not only cushioned but are designed not to put a lot of strain on their backs. They’re ergonomically designed to distribute weight so your kids aren’t sore from hauling their lives around on their backs.
They have smaller sizes for the littler students as well, right here. One of the best investments I’ve made. Buy once and don’t look back.

Books For the Littles

A collection of back to school books to help little minds, hearts, and souls prepare for the big day. Aside from the fact that I am a book fanatic, I love the fact that these books have the ability to put little minds (and parent minds) at ease before they head out into the classroom for the first time. Check out all the best ones, from classics to new favorites, right here. Don’t be surprised if some of your own childhood faves made the list. Ah, sweet nostalgia.
That’s it. My roundup of back to school necessities. For even more, shop these href=” back-to-school lists curated by parents and teachers. If I missed your favorites, leave them in the comments. I just may add them in at a later time.


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