5 Best Productivity Mobile Apps For Copywriters

With all the apps for copywriters out there, things can get confusing. Forget about skimming through the various new technological advances. I’ve cut through the noise to bring you my very favorites.
Consider some of the following options to make your job a whole lot easier:


Missing an appointment or finding out about one at the very last minute can be damaging to your professional reputation. As a Copywriter, you want to make the best impression, and that starts with being punctual. GoToMeeting is a excellent app that works as a virtual assistant creating your appointments and sending helpful reminders so that you show up on time with your clients.
Even if you choose not to meet in person, this app allows you to set up conference calls with your clients in the comfort of your own home. The best part is that this application is not at all difficult to operate. GoToMeeting provides all the training you need to fully understand its service. The app works great on all Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. For the quality of service mentioned there is a monthly and yearly charge.


For those who meet up with clients in person and close the deal, you have the option of traditional check or cash payment. But this can be a very time-consuming task, especially if your client has to run to the bank in the middle of your transaction. That all ends with Square.
To make things easier for you the copywriter and your client, Square has created an app that accepts credit and debit cards on the spot. The app includes a card reader so that your customer can process their payments quicker and easier than the traditional route. However, this app does require that you purchase both the app and the supporting technology. For those who accept in-person payments, the convenience that you’re getting makes it worth it.


Have you have ever gone shopping for equipment and later realized that you spent more than you should? Moments like that make it difficult to remain motivated for work. This is where Expensify comes in handy.
This budget-savvy app helps you stay on top of your spending by enabling you to create a budget and keep your finances intact. It even includes features such as the receipt scanner so that you always have an accurate account of your shopping. Expensify is best known by accountants, and best of all, it’s absolutely free.

Remember the Milk

Never again will you have to worry about forgetting something as simple as picking up milk at the store. The Remember the Milk app organizes your tasks in to-do lists and holds you accountable to complete each one. Take it food shopping or work supply shopping. You can also include it into your speech writer’s work.
It works as your assistant, enabling you to tackle one task at a time. It does not allow you to skip around or choose which one you would rather do instead. This app is very versatile especially for those who need a little help with their organization skills. Users with Android, iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry will love it.


The Evernote app is nothing like the notepad included in your smartphone. This application actually records and organizes your notes in a way that enables productivity. You can type out not only notes for a reminder, but you can also record voice memos, videos, include photos, and so much more. With Evernote, you will never have to worry about your important information will be lost into cyberspace.
Once you input your note, list, or speech writers work, it stays safe-locked in the app and accessible for you at all times. In case you forget the file you created, this application provides the search feature so that you will always find them. Evernote is an excellent choice for all electronic devices.


As a copywriter, you’ve got to be on your game at all times. Between scheduling appointments, creating essays for your clients, performing transactions, and maintaining a great professional reputation things can get overwhelming in a hurry. Instead of crumbling under the pressure, try out any of these apps to make your job easier.

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