Things are starting to evolve around here, and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.
When I took the reins of The Mogul Mom a few years ago I wanted to make it THE place to be for mompreneurs of all experience levels to come for great information and advice to propel them in both life and business. No matter if you’re a product seller, service provider, reseller, infopreneur, franchise owner, artisan, inventor, or retail store owner – if you’ve got your own hustle, we’re here for you.
As a mompreneur there are a ton of businesses clamoring for our attention (and our funds). And, there are plenty of sellers out there claiming to have all the answers, which can add up fast. But how do you really know if they’re out for your best interests… or their own? Tried and true sources aren’t always easy to come by, but they are out there. The Mogul Mom is one of them.
Here’s why:

  • We’ve been around since 2007. That’s a long time.

  • I come to you with 25 years of sales and marketing experience. As the current owner of three online ventures I’ve been there, done that in both the real world and online. Everything I share is legit and experience-based. No filler, no fluff. Just real information you can use.

  • We offer tons of value in our articles spanning a variety of topics relevant to mompreneurs. (There are over 1,000 of them). Some are written by me and many are from expert guest authors with lots of insights to share.
    But the time has come to do more. Here’s what’s on the horizon:


    1 | MOMENTUM

    We’re starting something new and totally different. We think you’re really going to love it.
    Until now, TMM has been mainly a place to come read great content. While that will stay the same, we wanted to offer a way to go deeper and soar higher for those looking to go beyond the basics. Sound like you? Say hi to Momentum. It’s a private mastermind group geared specifically to mompreneurs (of all stripes and experience levels). We call it Momentum because moving forward requires constant drive and motivation, and we plan to help provide that in spades. We’ll be doing Facebook Live videos, hosting office hours, and more. We’ve got a growing list of experts in all fields coming in to lend some help.
    We’re swinging the membership doors open today at the discount rate of $97 for an entire year. You can learn more (and read out FAQs) right here
    As a member, you’ll get full-access support to myself and other experts. I’ll be co-hosting with a friend and colleague, Gabriella Ribeiro (also the owner of a trio of online businesses). We’ll be hosting live office hours so you can come and ask questions or get feedback and advice from industry experts. We’ll offer specials and ‘first dibs’ on everything new that launches. We normally charge between $300-500 per hour for consulting, so having this kind of access in a space like this is virtually priceless. You will not find anything else this helpful for the money out there.


    Next up, we’re launching our very first course, Get Started. The reasons for this are many but mainly it’s to lighten your load, get you unstuck, and put an end to analysis paralysis.
    I’ve helped launch HUNDREDS of businesses into the world for clients in all industries, so I get it. Starting any sort of business is a huge undertaking. (I’m talking to you side hustlers, too.) From naming your business to understanding the legal stuff, branding, marketing, PR, standing out, finding stuff to sell, unmasking your right people, pricing, setting up a website and blog, finding providers that are a good fit, and more… it can get overwhelming in a hurry. And as such, lots of moms quit before they even begin, and that’s really sad on so many levels.
    I fully believe that each of us has something to offer the world. A spark, a gift, some wisdom… whatever your contribution to the world is, you owe it to yourself and others to share it. Getting off the ground should never, ever be a reason that the world doesn’t get to hear your song.
    We share absolutely everything in one place, from one source to avoid confusion, overwhelm, and conflicting information from multiple sources. Plus, it’s a single course, a single cost, a single source for all your information in one place. There’s nothing left to chance. It’s ALL here from concept to launch.
    Get Started is opening soon. Sign up here to get on the list to find out when we launch. The first 20 buyers will receive special bonuses. Got FOMO? To increase your chances of being among the first 20, sign up to be notified when we launch. Everyone else will hear second hand. These bonuses will enhance your course experience and save you a bunch of money.
    But you don’t have to decide now. Just sign up to learn more. You can do that right here. We promise we won’t assault your inbox with sales pitches. We’ll send a note to let you know when it goes live so you don’t miss out.
    And because we really truly are here to help, ALL course buyers receive one year of membership to Momentum. How awesome is that? That way when you’re finished with the course, you’ve still got an entire year of support to make sure you hit the ground running and never stop.
    So that’s it!
    What do you think? Will you join us? Is there anything else you’d like to see happening around here? Leave a comment, we’re listening!
    P.S. As a thank you for reading all the way through, here’s a free copy of our brand new Ideal Customer Avatar Worksheet for you. Unmask your niche in great detail and watch your business transform. Enjoy!


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    Brand Therapist™ + Copywriter at Melissa Bolton
    Melissa is a Brand Therapist®providing neurobranding and conversion copywriting services to solopreneurs and micro-business owners looking to truly connect with their right people. Leaning on proven psychology principles, she helps clients create a brand presence that's not only explicitly unique, but highly memorable. She offers 25 years of extensive sales and marketing experience through her proprietary brand therapy methodologies. You can learn more about her and how she can help you grown your own brand, right here:

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