LA Healthcare Design is a medical interior design firm I founded – one that creates beautiful healing spaces for healthcare providers. Our goal is to make medical offices more inviting, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing to patients, healthcare staff, and anyone who interacts with the space.

Having recently completed a UCLA Health project in Century City, Los Angeles, LA Healthcare Design continues to be a leader in the retail-healthcare space, where traditional medical institutions are expanding to retail locations. Each of our designs upholds the highest level of quality and functionality to create an environment in which patients feel comfortable and staff feel productive.

Our team handles the entire execution of each project from design to build. We perform programming, space planning, and material selection during the design process to make sure everything is cohesive and properly implemented. We create designs based on flow and harmony, as we believe a properly designed space has the power to heal.
Some of the personal characteristics that have helped me become one of the medical industry’s top interior designers, include being spiritually-minded, eco-conscious and fully transparent—I’m a prime paragon of the new (age) entrepreneurs that are changing the way we do and run businesses. After growing up in Iran, I came to America with a limited handle on the English language and a dream to bring greater healing to the world. Often working 70 hours a week, I put myself through Design College, as well as some medical training.

Now, for my top five signs you’ve chosen the right doctor, as well as some waiting room warning signs to consider:

5 signs you’ve chosen the right doctor:

1. Their space is clean, well kept, and inviting. If a doctor maintains their office well, it shows they care about the wellbeing of their patients. As Erma Bombeck said, “Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died.”

2. Their staff warmly welcomes you as soon as you walk through the door. Your first point of contact with the doctor’s office should be immediate and genuine. If none of the staff members notice when you enter the office, it may suggest the doctor won’t be attentive with his patients, either.

3. The core story and design of the entire office space resonate with you and makes you feel comfortable.

4. Their office is open and easy to navigate. A doctor who puts thought into the space planning of his office cares about his patient experience.

5. Go with your intuition – you’ve chosen the right doctor and doctor’s office if they make you feel at home and at peace with everything that is happening in the space.

Biggest waiting room warning signs:

As part of determining the signs of a good doctor, there are some things to watch out for when you first enter a healthcare waiting room:

• If you feel any tension or discomfort upon entering the office, that’s a major warning sign. A healing space should make you feel comfortable and at ease from the moment you step inside.

• Second, be cognizant of a disorganized, cluttered, or dirty waiting room. The way a doctor treats his entire office and the items in it, is reflective of how he will treat his patients.

What are the biggest challenges in your business right now?

Every phase of our growth brings new challenges, especially since we’re very involved in the construction process. Most designers pass on the designs to the client, and periodically check in to make adjustments. We work with our clients every step of the way until the project is completed.

Our biggest business challenge right now is finding clients who understand what we’re trying to accomplish. We believe healthcare spaces should inspire patients and staff. They should facilitate the healing process. Healthcare and construction are very traditional industries that tend to resist change and anything outside of the norm. Our challenge is getting the message out there that healthcare is undergoing a massive paradigm shift. We’re excited to be a part of that process.



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