Being a parent is hard. We all know that. It more times than once feels that having another set of regulations and rules being invoked in your life is a violation to you. However, it is essential to understand that being a parent comes with a bout of responsibilities, rules, and even regulations. More so, because children are like little sponges, they can quickly soak on anything and everything. This means that as a parent there is a need to be careful on the things you not only do in front of your children but also to be cautious of the things you say in front of your children.

Here are some things you should never do in front of your children.

One thing you ought to do is not gossip in front of your kids as they are smart and hence, and they are listening to every little thing you say. Therefore, if you gossip about your friends, their teachers and your neighbors among other people, your kids listen and hear and grasp this. Not only do they perceive an understanding that gossiping is the right thing to do, but they also grip that you can talk about people behind their backs. This means that they could find it right to share people’s private information with their friends. Moreover, they could ultimately misinterpret and misunderstand what you are saying which could lead to some awkward situations.

Vent about your spouse
One thing you must always remember as a parent is that badmouthing your partner in front of your kids can influence their perception of him or her. This will mean that based on how you badmouth your partner, your kid or kids might not treat him or her with respect and might even speak ill of him or her in front of their friends.

Hate your body
Evidently, kids understand a lot. Shaming and hating on your body or other people’s body is something you should never do. Even if you still have mummy tummy, you should not vent about it. Your kids might either end up hating on their bodies, or they might end up shaming someone else. You should instead teach your child to love their body as they are.

Argue with your spouse in front of your child or children
This makes your child or children vulnerable as it exposes them to high–tension altercations. Moreover, this may create a violent nature in the child since exposing them to violence or arguments establish this character in them. The child might perceive that it is okay to argue or talk violently with others to pass your point across.

Stare at your phone all day long
This will teach your children how to be lazy. It is essential to understand that children emulate what they say their parents are doing. You cannot tell them contrary if they see you staring at your phone or the TV all day long. Yes, Netflix has some great TV shows and Candy Crash Saga is addictive, but we need to teach those little persons that being outdoor and enjoying nature is even better.

Telling Lies
Many people tend to tell white lies almost all the time. However, practicing such things in front of your kids is wrong. This is because it teaches your kids that it is not a big deal to do. Therefore, you need to show your kids that it is right to be always truthful no matter what situation you might find yourself in.

Keeping Secrets from Your Partner
Keeping secrets from your partner can be detrimental, more so, when you invite your child or children into keeping them with you. For instance, you decide to swing by McDonalds and buy your kid a snack and then you decide to whisper to them that “mum or dad does not have to know that we took a snack”. This automatically teaches your child that deception is harmless and it is okay to lie and undermine your partner’s authority.

These are just some of the things you should not do in front of your children. Before you do something from this list, just stop for a minute and evaluate whether you would want your child to soak that.


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